Island Aumaua


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Among the Waves

Island Aumaua is a Subrace in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. There is great ethnic diversity between Aumaua in different regions of the world. In Pillars of Eternity II Subraces of Aumaua appear, namely Island Aumaua and Coastal Aumaua.



Island aumaua originated in the Deadfire Archipelago and have largely remained there over the millennia. While physiologically similar to their coastal cousins, the coloration of island aumaua is starkly different - warm tones, contrasting the coastal's cool blues and green. While not all island aumaua are connected to the native Huana culture of the Deadfire, it is rare to find them in the Eastern Reach, much less the Old Empires.



Aumaua Description

  • The aumaua are a race of large, semiaquatic humanoids with a diverse array of skin patterns, elongated heads, and semi-webbed hands and feet.[1] Aumaua originated and typically live and work in warm oceanic climates. Though they are not the most widely traveled racial group in the world (that distinction belongs to Calabandran humans), they have been some of the earliest long-range coastal explorers in the world, exploring and settling continuously for the longest period of time, over 20,000 years. During that time they had a lot of contact with other races.

  • The aumaua-dominated cultures to the (far) north and (slightly closer) south are about as technologically-advanced as the Aedyr Empire.[3] Including Rauatai. Aumaua are a minority in all of the "core" nations/cultures around the Dyrwood. Aumaua living near the Dyrwood have stylistic visual elements taken from Japanese and various Polynesian cultures, but their cultures themselves are not based on Japan, Samoa, Maori etc.

  • They are physically distinct from other races due to their towering size, “inverted triangle” physique, odd skin and hair coloration and textures, and head shape. Aumaua natural lifespans are typically between 70 and 115 years.



Island Aumaua Race Bonuses

  • Aumaua are known for their "great strength" and gain a +2 bonus to Might.
  • Among the Waves: Immunity to Slog Zone attacks. (not reduced to wading while running through water, deep sand, mud etc. )



Aumaua Tips & Notes

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Boreal Dwarf  ♦  Coastal Aumaua  ♦  Death Godlike  ♦  Fire Godlike  ♦  Hearth Orlan  ♦  Meadow Folk  ♦  Moon Godlike  ♦  Mountain Dwarf  ♦  Nature Godlike  ♦  Ocean Folk  ♦  Pale Elf  ♦  Savanna Folk  ♦  Wild Orlan  ♦  Wood Elf

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