Lost Dues in Good Faith

Level 4
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Queen's Berth, Neketaka
Location The Wild Mare
Reward/s 1080 EXP
1,400 Copper
Drunkard's Regret
Cowl of the Piercing Gaze
Recruit Oswald as a crew member
Quest ID 09_QST_Erol_is_Missing

Lost Dues in Good Faith is a Side Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. For this side quest, Kahn asks for your help to find Oswald, an old elf who owes her 5,000 coppers.


Important NPCs



  1. Requires Xoti to in the party.
  2. Talk to Aenalys about Oswald.
  3. Find the ancient temple near the Karatapu Channel.
  4. Search for Oswald inside Oathbinder's Sanctum.
  5. Speak to Oswald.
  6. Get Kahn's money from Oswald.
  7. Give Oswald's journal to Kahn.
  8. Return to Kahn.



Speak to Kahn

  • Speak to Kahn in The Wild Mare to obtain and learn more about the side quest. She'll mention that Oswald was fond of a courtesan named Aenalys who can be found on the second floor of The Wild Mare.
  • Speak to Aenalys and she'll deny that she knows Oswald. If you have (4) Diplomacy, (3) Streetwise, (4) Insight, or by paying her 250 cp, you can convince her to tell the truth and she'll take you to her armoire where you'll acquire Oswald's Journal. On the other hand, if you don't want to use any of the following, you'll have to break into Aenalys' armoire and steal the journal.
  • Once you have the Journal, return the to Kahn and give her the journal. You can help her remember Oswald's whereabouts with (4) Survival or a Deadfire Archipelago. Either way, she'll eventually mention a "weird temple" in the Karatapu Channel to the southwest of Neketaka - this is the Oathbinder's Sanctum.


Find Oswald

  • Upon arriving at the sanctum, make your way to the fourth level and you'll see a group of Woedican cultists that are being led by Inquisitor Lodwyn. You'll learn that the group is accusing Oswald of breaking an oath and is sentenced to death. There are a couple of ways to further complete this quest, (1) fight and save Oswald, (2) watch Oswald die, (3) convince the cultists to let Oswald go, or, (4) side with the cultists and leave him to die.
  • On the second floor of the sanctum, if you found the soul of a murdered innocent, you can either choose to side with the cultists or by trying to reason out with them that they have killed many lives of the innocent people.
  • If you choose to be honest and mention that they've killed only one, you'll allow them to carry on with their judgment and you'll be rewarded with 1400 cp, however, you'll lose your relationship between Aloth and Serafen - doing this will seal Oswald's fate and you'll be escorted back to the entrance of the sanctum.
  • If you choose to lie and mention that they've killed "a handful". You'll have to pass a hidden (3) Bluff check which will cause the Inquisitor to question you - failing to do so will cause her to attack the party.
  • You can also choose to lie and mention they've killed "too many to count" which requires you to pass a hidden (7) Bluff. If you pass, Inquisitor Lodwyn will agree to let Oswald go and the cultists will escort you, alongside Oswald back to the sanctum's first floor - if you fail, she will attack the party.
    • If you choose to step in and rescue Oswald by either convincing the cultists or by killing them, Oswald will give you the Drunkard's Regret provided that you have a (6) Diplomacy or (5) Intimidate. He'll also offer to join your crew, and eventually, he will be honest and tell you that he has no money and that he cannot pay Kahn back. If ever you decide to leave him to die or if he is killed, you can loot the Drunkard's Regret from his body and you'll discover that he doesn't have the money he owes Kahn.
    • Also, if you've triggered the event where you'll need to fight off the cultists alongside Inquisitor Lodwyn, you can loot Cowl of the Piercing Gaze from the inquisitor's body after defeating them.
  • Whichever decision you end up doing, you'll have to return to The Wild Mare and report back to Kahn in order to complete the side quest.
    • If you chose to let Oswald die, you can tell her the truth about his execution and she'll accept what happened and she'll leave.
    • If you were able to save Oswald or just left him to die, Kahn will just show her interest in the money and you can choose to lie to her about giving her the "cut" which depends on the arrangement you talked to her at the start. Or you can just be honest with her and tell her that Oswald didn't have the money and she will leave and storm off annoyed.

Alternate Route

  • You can also go to the Oathbinder's Sanctum without speaking to Kahn. However, the quest will only be completed after choosing Oswald's fate which is the same that is mentioned above. Whichever the outcome is, your interaction between Kahn will be different once you speak to her.
  • Once you speak to her at The Wild Mare, you will be able to tell her that you met Oswald not too long ago and you'll be able to tell her the truth or lie to her about Oswald.
    • Oswald dies - You can tell Kahn the truth about Oswald's execution, or tell her that he is fine and that he went off.
    • Oswald lives - Tell her the truth that he was broke and she'll thank you for the information you gathered and leaves.
    • Oswald lives and is in your current party - Kahn will demand for her money back. If you have (6) Diplomacy, you can negotiate the fee down to 2500 cp if you want to pay. You can also tell her the truth as well that he's simply broke and she'll leave. Or with an (8) Intimidate, you can tell her about the dangers you had to go through and Kahn will simply chug down her drink and leave.
  • Regardless of your interaction with Kahn, you won't gain any EXP since you've already completed the quest early on after choosing Oswald's fate.





  • Lost Dues in Good Faith
    • Kahn has asked me to help her find Oswald, an old elf who owes her 5,000 coppers.
    • (Alternate) I stumbled across a strange impromptu court at the bottom of the Oathbinder's Sanctum.
  • Talk to Aenalys about Oswald
    • Kahn mentioned that Oswald favored Aenalys, one of the courtesans on the second level of the Wild Mare. Kahn told me that Aenalys refused to speak to her about Oswald or his whereabouts. She suggested I might have better luck with Aenalys instead.
    • Though Aenalys wouldn't tell me anything about Oswald, she did seem nervous about something in her armoire.
  • Give Oswald's journal to Kahn
    • I found Oswald's journal in Aenalys' armoire. Kahn will want to read it. I can find her on the ground floor of the Wild Mare.
    • From what I read in Oswald's journal, it appears someone's been following him for some time. Strangely, the final entry in the journal is just a drawing of Woedica's broken crown symbol. Kahn might know more.
  • Find the ancient temple near the Karatapu Channel
    • Kahn heard tell of a massive temple dedicated to Woedica on a large island near the Karatapu Channel southwest of Neketaka.  Kahn suspects that Oswald was kidnapped and taken there by whoever has been stalking him. She asked me to travel to the temple and get her money from Oswald, one way or another. 
  • Search for Oswald inside Oathbinder's Sanctum
    • I found the temple Kahn told me about. With any luck, Oswald's inside and still alive - or at least his money is still on his corpse.
    • Judging by the lit candles on the altar in the pyramid's entrance, it seems someone has been here recently.
    • I found the soul of a person who appeared to have been brought here by mysterious figures and put on trial. The soul insisted they were innocent. Perhaps the kidnappers were wrong about their victim, or maybe they just didn't care.
    • Based on a note I found on a corpse, it seems someone named Inquisitor Lödwyn is the leader of whatever group is currently occupying this pyramid.
    • I found Oswald. He's been put on trial for oathbreaking, and his chances don't look. He'll probably die if I don't intervene.
  • Speak to Oswald
    • Oswald was held captive by a cult of overzealous Woedicans and put on trial for oathbreaking. I convinced the people who kidnapped him to let him go. I need to talk to him about the money he owes Kahn.
    • I managed to talk down Oswald's captors. Though they agreed to leave peaceably, I killed them all anyway.
    • Oswald was held captive by a cult of overzealous Woedicans and put on trial for oathbreaking. I saved Oswald from his fate and killed the people who'd kidnapped him. I need to talk to him about the money he owes Kahn.
  • Get Kahn's money from Oswald
    • Oswald was held captive by a cult of overzealous Woedicans and put on trial for oathbreaking. He didn't survive their judgment. The money he owes Kahn might still be on his body.
  • Intervene, or watch the scene play out
    • I discovered an elven man named Oswald being put on trial by what appear to be agents of Woedica. I suspect he won't survive this situation without my help. He told the agents that he could make them rich. I could save him and demand a reward... or I could just take the money off his body.
    • I found Oswald held by a cult of Woedicans. I could intervene to help him, or just take Kahn's money off of his body after the cult is done with him.
  • Search Oswald's body
    • The elf on trial was killed by his captors. Before he died, he mentioned that he could make his captors rich if they set him free. I should search for his body and see just how much money he had.
  • Speak to Oswald
    • Oswald was being held captive by an overzealous cult of Woedicans and put on trial for the crime of oathbreaking. I saved Oswald and killed his captors. I should speak to him about a reward.
    • Oswald was being held captive by an overzealous cult of Woedicans and put on trial for the crime of oathbreaking. I convinced Oswald's captors to let him go. I should speak to him about a reward.
  • Return to Kahn
    • I searched Oswald's body but didn't find the money he mentioned. I suspect Kahn at the Wild Mare won't be pleased to hear this.
    • I spoke with Oswald and discovered he's completely broke. I suspect Kahn at the Wild Mare won't be pleased to hear this.
    • I spoke with Oswald and discovered he's completely broke. I suspect Kahn at the Wild Mare won't be pleased to hear this.
    • Oswald was held captive by a cult of overzealous Woedicans and put on trial for oathbreaking. I didn't interfere with the cult and Oswald died. As it turned out, he didn't have Kahn's money anyway. I need to return to Kahn in the Wild Mare and let her know. I suspect she won't be pleased.



End States

  • I saved Oswald from his captors by killing them all.
  • I saved Oswald from his captors by convincing them to let him go.
  • Kahn died.
  • Oswald died.
  • Kahn ran off to Oathbinder's Sanctum to find Oswald's ring. I'm not sure what will happen to her.
  • The man on trial, Oswald, was killed. Unfortunately, he didn't have the money he'd claimed to.
  • I sided with the Woedicans holding a man named Oswald on trial. He didn't have the money he claimed, but the court rewarded me for my faith.



Tips & Tricks

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