Lost Dues in Good Faith

Location Port Maje
Reward ??

Lost Dues in Good Faith is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs



  1. Talk to Aenalys about Oswald.
  2. Find the ancient temple near the Karatapu Channel.
  3. Search for Oswald inside Oathbinder's Sanctum.
  4. Speak to Oswald.
  5. Get Kahn's money from Oswald.
  6. Give Oswald's journal to Kahn.
  7. Return to Kahn.



  • Kahn in The Wild Mare asks you to help her find Oswald, an old elf who owes her 5000 cp. 
  • Talk to Aenalys at the second floor of Wild Mare and see if she know anything about Oswald's whereabout.
  • Either you persuade Aenalys that Oswald is in danger (Perception), or search her armoire to get Oswald's journal.
  • Return the journal to Kahn, she suspect Oswald is taken to an ancient temple near Karatapu Channel southwest of Neketaka.
  • OathbindersSanctum
  • Oswald can be found on an island on the southwest of the Neketaka.
  • At the bottom of Oathbinder's Sanctum, you will find Oswald and some Oathbinders. Deal with the Oathbinders, if Oswald lives, he can join your crew afterward.


Tips & Tricks

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