Mountain Dwarf


+2 Might, +1 Constitution, -1 Dexterity


Hale and Hardy

Mountain Dwarf is a Subrace in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Dwarves are one of the civilized races that inhabit Eora. There is great ethnic diversity between Dwarves in different regions of the world. In Pillars of Eternity two sub-races of dwarves appear, namely mountain dwarves and boreal dwarves.



Mountain dwarves (Aptapo) originated on the content of Aedyr in the Old Empires, but had disappeared from those lands long before humans and elves arrived there. They have spread rapidly throughout the world over the millennia due to their instinctive drive to explore and migrate. While mountain dwarves do form settlements and even small nations, they are more often found within other cultures, most commonly Old Vailia, the Vailian Republics, and the Dyrwood.



Dwarf Description

  • Dwarves have a cultural predilection (some go so far as to say it's an instinct) to explore. They've actually been some of the earliest colonists in many parts of their world, though their colonies don't have a particularly good rate of survival. e.g. White March.

    Physically, dwarves are known for being short and thick-limbed. They tend to be extremely sturdy and durable, often attributed to spending millennia living in rocky environments more suited to goats than people. Their natural lifespan is typically between 110 and 190 years.



Mountain Dwarf Race Bonuses

  • Dwarves are known for their great strength and tenacity, and gain a +2 bonus to Might, a -1 penalty to Dexterity and a +1 bonus to Constitution
  • Hale and Hardy: Mountain dwarves are the most well-traveled race in Eora. Their incredible journeys have exposed them to all manner of lethal hazards, giving them resistance to Constitution Afflictions. (Downgrade the effect by one tier against Constitution Afflictions, which means they cannot be Enfeebled and will always be downgraded to the Weakened affliction, to Sickened, and none.)



Dwarf Tips & Notes

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