Mundane Shell

Deflection Accuracy Type
+? - 4 Medium Shield
Shield Engagement: +1 Enemies Engaged
Legendary: +8 Shield Deflection
Arcane Interference: 15% Resistance against Evocation / Conjuration / Illusion attacks
Thermally Stable: +15 All Defences against Fire / Frost attacks

Mundane Shell is a Shield in Pillars of Eternity 2.



A bereaved enchanter crafted this odd shield from the shell of his favorite pet, Gorgamoth. The tortoise had served as the enchanter's best companion and finest test subject for over two centuries. Gorgamoth was ideal in his role as a wizard's pet. He never complained and seemed to hold the world, and everyone in it, in the same contempt as his master. Gorgamoth was also inexplicably resistant to the enchanter's spellcraft, shrugging off even the most powerful spells. This quality saved the tortoise from many of the enchanter's raging tirades or more misguided experiments. When the surly old beast finally succumbed to age, the enchanter found himself alone. Not one to wallow in his grief, he decided to turn Gorgamoth's carcass into something useful.



Mundane Shell Information

  • Price: 5,407



Mundane Shell Location/Acquire

  • In a chest below the Statue of Nemnok in the Sanctum of Drowned Barrows (at 8'35" 36'38"), reachable via Junvik Village on a lone island near the north edge of the world map.



Mundane Shell Upgrades






 Bronze Core  +15 All Defenses against Acid attacks  3,000  emerald_sEmerald x1, sapphire_sSapphire x1, carapaceCarapace x1, lagufaeth_liver_sLagufaeth Liver x1, binding_copper_sBinding Copper x1
 Nonconductive  +15 All Defenses against Electricity attacks  3,000  adra_ban_sAdra Ban x1, dank_spores_sDank Spores x1, scales_sScales x1, huona_mate_sHuona Mahe x1, carapaceCarapace x1
 Apostatism  15% resistance against Punishment / Condemnation attacks  3,000 jasper_sJade x1, durgan_iron_ingot_sLiving Iron x1, refined_durgan_iron_ingot_sLiving Steel x1, scales_sScales x1, spirit_residue_sSpirit Residue x1
 Arcane Suppression  25% resistance against Evocation / Conjuration / Illusions attacks  3,000  adra_ban_sAdra Ban x1, awakened_adra_sAwakened Adra x1, awakened_root_sAwakened Root x1, awakened_wood_sAwakened Wood x1, reptilian_blood_sReptilian Blood x1




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