Nemnok's Cloak

Type Cloak
Effects Life of Suffering: +15% Damage taken Blessed in Spirit: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 75% Health. Grants Spirit Shield Built for Pain: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 50% Health. Grants Ironskin Cursed to Endure: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 25% Health. Grants Barring Death's Door

Nemnok's Cloak is a unique Cloak in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Cloaks can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.



This dilapidated cloak once belonged to one of Nemnok's unfortunate guests. This particular dwarf was no penitent worshiper. Rather, he claimed to be a great warrior come to slay Nemnok and free his tribe from the monster's reign. He boasted of his magic cape which could stave off injury and death. Then, with a mighty shout, the warrior challenged Nemnok to battle.

After a brief and one-sided bout, Nemnok subdued the would-be usurper and set to work torturing him to death. Remarkably, the cape sustained its reputation and the dwarf stubbornly clung to life for quite some time.



Nemnok's Cloak Information

  • Value: 4050 cp
  • ??



Nemnok's Cloak Location/Acquire



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