Nemnok the Devourer

Level 18
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Deadfire - Northwest
Location Junik Village
Drowned Barrows
Reward/s copper_pand_icon500
33,750 Total EXP
Hearth Defender's Scale
Quest ID 28_QST_Drums_in_the_Deep

Nemnok the Devourer is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Nemnok is the jumped-up imp who created a cult around himself at the Drowned Barrows. The Watcher may chose to assist him, or fight him and take the treasures.


Important NPCs



  1. Journey to the Drowned Barrows.
  2. Speak with Tatok in the Junvik village.
  3. Enter the Drowned Barrows.
  4. Explore the Drowned Barrows.
  5. Deal with Kaali and Nemnok.
  6. Speak with Tatok in the Junvik village.



  • Travel to Junvik Village, (on an island at 8 N 36 E. Northwest to the Ori o Koīki. See our Locations)
  • Now head to Drowned Barrows, you will meet Kaali and Nemnok at the Sanctum. Nemnok will then introduce himself and demand your supplication after Kaali introduces you as the newest sacrifice. You can tell him off with Intimidate 18, or question him on him being an imp. You can then use Diplomacy 8 to receive the quest to deliver Nemnok grimoires. In doing so, you also secure Kaali's release - though he will be nonplussed.
  • If you do not have Intimidate 18, you will be forced to fight Nemnok and Kaali. After the fight, you can convince Nemnok to come along as a pet (which provides +1 to empower and +1 casts of level 1 druid, priest, and wizard spells). Just take down Nemnok and the battle is over, no need to kill Kaali and other worshipers.
  • If you agree to help Nemnok retrieve the grimoires (Quest: The Lost Grimoires), you can let Kaali go home.
  • Speak with Tatok when you return to Junvik village.





  • Nemnok the Devourer
    • The Junvik people speak of Nemnok, a mysterious god whose lair is in the depths of the Drowned Barrows. Nemnok takes offerings from the tribe, most recently a boy named Kaali. The prospect of a new god is troubling at best. Unless "Nemnok" is merely some new aspect of Skaen or Wael playing tricks on the world, the matter bears closer scrutiny.
  • Journey to the Drowned Barrows
    • Tatok of the Junvik tribe informed me that Nemnok's realm is within the skull-shaped mountain due north of the Junvik village.
  • Speak with Tatok in the Junvik Village
    • I've dealt with Nemnok, though Tatok will have little reason to thank me for it. He might still appreciate the closure of knowing that Kaali is dead.
  • Explore the Drowned Barrows
    • Nemnok is somewhere in the depths of the mountain. If I want a closer look, it will mean trespassing on the god's protected domain.
    • I learned from Acolyte Kinnuq that Kaali is in the lowest level of the Drowned Barrows. Nemnok is there with him.
    • Kinnuq told me that Nemnok's sanctum lies beneath a passage called the Gates of Death.
    • I need a wardstones to pass through the Gates of Death. It's currently in the possession of an eoten Death Warden.
    • I possess the correct wardstone and can cross the Gates of Death to Nemnok's sanctum.
  • Deal with Kaali and Nemnok
    • I found Kaali in the depths of the Drowned Barrows. He was swept up in a frenzied summoning ritual.
  • Speak with Tatok in the Junvik Village
    • Now that I've dealt with Nemnok, Kaali has returned to his home in the Junvik village. Tatok should be pleased to see his son again.


End States

  • Kaali perished in the Drowned Barrows, leaving Tatok to mourn.
  • Tatok has died.
  • I stole Kaali back from Nemnok and delivered the good news to Tatok.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??



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