Ngati's Girdle

Type Belts

Against the Tide: +1 Athletics

Fathoms' Redress: 10% chance to cast interrupting Crush Damage AoE when Critically Hit in melee

Wavebreaker: +1 Crush Armor Rating

Ngati's Girdle is a unique Belt in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Belts can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.



This fine sharkskin belt is thought to have been in the possession of the widowed elf noble Devka Kilwyn when she took her own life by throwing herself from a coastal watchtower into the crashing sea below. Some years later the girdle washed ashore near a Huana village in the Deadfire, where a wandering shorewalker discovered it. The salt and tide had not marred it in the slightest. The inner lining still bore the embroidered message to Devka from her late husband. "May our souls always find one another," it read. The shorewalker, wary of the implications of such an artifact, opted to sell it rather than tempt the ire of Ngati, who had surely kept a weather eye on such a symbol of love, loss, and the sea.



Ngati's Girdle Information

  • Value: 1710 cp
  • Vendor price: 8550 cp



Ngati's Girdle Location/Acquire



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