Out of the Eternal Horizons

Level 20
Quest Type DLC Task
Region The Black Isles
Location The Enclosures
The Upper Bowels
Reward/s 2,565 EXP
Celestial Agitator
Celestial Grimoire
Quest ID lax03_tsk_02_celestial_magic_03

Out of the Eternal Horizons is a Task of the DLCThe Forgotten Sanctum in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Help Bekarna locate a piece of starmetal in the Halls Obscured.


Important NPCs

  • Bekarna



  1. Find a piece of star metal in the Halls Obscured.
  2. Bring the star metal to Bekarna.



  • This quest is acquired after you complete the quest A Rising Star.
  • Speak to Bekarna after you restored her grimoire.
  • The star metal you need can be found in The Upper Bowels. At Celestial Remnant, you can get the Fragment of Starmetal when interacting with the minerals. (you can try to commune with the spirits or sacrifice your pet)
  • Return to Bekarna with the star metal, she will reward you Celestial Agitator and Celestial Grimoire.





  • Out of Eternal Horizons
    • Now that Bekarna has her grimoire back, she remembers why she came to the Black Isles in the first place - to recover a fallen star. Locating a sample of starmetal will enable her to scribe a unique spell, and she promises to share the results of her research.
  • Find a piece of starmetal in the Halls Obscured
    • Bekarna is certain that a celestial catalyst - a piece of charged starmetal - can be found somewhere in the Halls Obscured. A falling star struck this location recently, so I may have to look deeper.
    • According to a book I found, unusual spectres might be protective of the starmetal when I find it. I may be able to appease them by offering a small part of my own essence.
  • Bring the starmetal to Bekarna
    • I found what Bekarna was looking for. She'll be pleased if I returned it to her in the Temple of Revelation.


End States

  • Bekarna is dead.
  • Bekarna succeeded in scribing her own spell.


Tips & Tricks

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