Outcast's Respite is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Outcast's Respite



Deep in the bog you find a cave entrance obscured by vines. The bog's characteristic rot wafts from the cave, but so, too, does a strangely alchemical smell.As you brush aside the vines and step inside the cave, you hear the faint sound of laughter coming from further in.

Notes & Tips

  • You can find this location on northwest corner of Deadfire sea.
  • Once you freed Tama Watua, he can sell you ingredients and equipment.
  • One of the enemies here will drop Bipara's grimoire, which is required in The Lost Grimoires.
  • Examining the purple pool (given the boons it gives, perhaps called the Alchemic pool), you surmise that is is made up of several distinct liquids. Drinking from the pool will give you one of three boons, but also has the chance of giving you an injury. You are able to drink as many times as you please.
  • Finding the Encoded notes before freeing Tama Watua allows you to and ask for a reward and get the Deciphered notes (or you can decipher them yourself). It allows to brew in the purple cauldron a potion (depending on the ingredients you have) giving you a permanent +1 to one attribute of your choice. See below for more information:
Name Bonus Additional ingredients
Potion of Mataru's Strength +1 Might Primal Flame, Ruby
Tama Watua's Potion of Cast-Iron Stomach +1 Constitution Primal Rock, Black Pearl
Potion of Antelope's Grace +1 Dexterity Primal Wind, Emerald
Potion of Panther's Sight +1 Perception Primal Wind, Adra Ban
Potion of the Steadfast Hound +1 Resolve Primal Rock, Amber


General Information

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Notable NPCs:

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