Pearlescent Rhomboid Helstone

Type Helmet

Helstone: 10% Chance to Reflect against Spells

Shifting Chroma: grants Shifting Chroma

Pearlescent Rhomboid Helstone is a unique Accessory in Pillars of Eternity 2.



This faceted pebble circles the head of the wearer in a tight orbit. Beautiful colors swirl over its surface in shifting, pearlescent patterns. Helstones like this are often the prized treasures of ancient mausoleums. It isn't definitively known if they are the result of a naturally-occurring phenomena or some forgotten enchantment.



Pearlescent Rhomboid Helstone Information

  • Value: 250 cp 
  • Vendor price: 1250 cp



Pearlescent Rhomboid Helstone Location/Acquire





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