Pistols in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is covered on this page.

Pistols proficiency grants Rushed Reload,  -50% Reload time with Pistol Weapons, -15 Ranged Accuracy with Pistol Weapons.



Pistols Weapons




Recovery Time



Eccea's Arcane BlasterEccea's Arcane Blaster 8-11 Raw 5s 11 Dropped by Eccea in the Collapsed Coal Mine on the island at 7° 49' S, 57° 16' E
Scordeo's TrophyScordeo's Trophy 22-28 Pierce 5s 10 The Brass Citadel: Sold by Uto.
Thundercrack Pistol Thundercrack Pistol  20-25 Pierce 5s 9 Poko Kohara ruins: In the xaurip camp.


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