Potions in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is covered on this page. Potions can be used for healing or provide bonuses in POE 2. In turn-base mod, all potions will take 1 round to consume, and their effects are scaled accordinngly.





Cast Time



antidoteAntidote 1.6 sec 30 Immunity to Poison attacks for 30.0 sec
Blessed Incense Potion   120s +2 History
+2 Insight
+2 Metaphysics
+2 Religion
potion_cleansing_purge_lPotion of Cleansing Purge   45s +3 Constitution
-25% Hostile effect duration
potionofascensionPotion of Ascension     +2 All Power Levels
Potion of Deftness 1.3 20  +6 Accuracy, +25% action speed for 25s
Fungal Bile  0.8 30

-4 Armor Rating for 15.0s. 7 Corrode damage per 3s for 30s. Weakend for 30s.

Accuracy vs. Fortitude

potion_insubstantial_form_lPotion of Insubstantial Form   30 25% of incoming Crits converted to Hits
25% of incoming Grazes converted to Misses
25% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes
Potion of Impediment   45 30% chance to Interrupt targets scoring Hit
potionofinvisibilityPotion of Invisibility   15

Break Engagements


Immune to Engagement

Untargetable for 15.0 sec

potionofironskinPotion of Ironskin     +5 Armor Rating
potion_of_deleterious_lPotion of Major Healing   -- +120 Health Restored
Potion of Minor Healing  1.3 -- +20 Health restored
potion_of_spirit_shield_lPotion of Miraculous Healing   -- +240 Health restored
potion_of_major_regeneration_lPotion of Moderate Healing   -- +80 Health Restored
potion_mental_prowess_lPotion of Mental Prowess   45 +2 Resolve
+2 Perception
+2 Intellect
potionofphysicalprowessPotion of Physical Prowess   45s +2 Might
+2 Dexterity
+2 Constitution
luminousadrapotionLuminous Adra Potion     Removes all Injuries
+2 All Skills until rest
potionofelementaldefensePotion of Elemental Defense  1.3 60 +3 Burn Armor Rating, +3 Corrode Armor Rating, +3 Freeze Armor Rating, +3 Shock Armor Rating for 60s
Potion of deleterious     +50% Attack Speed
+2 Move Speed
potionofperfectaimPotion of Perfect Aim   30 25% of Grazes converted to Hits
25% of Hits converted to Crits
25% of Misses converted to Grazes
Potion of Major Recovery    
-10 sec Duration of hostile effects
potion_of_merciless_lPotion of Merciless Gaze   45.0 15% of Hits converted to Crits
Potion of Natures Bounty   30 +20% Action Speed
+2 Might
+2 Perception
Potion Oil of Allure      +2 Bluff, +2 Diplomacy, +2 Intimidate, +2 Streetwise for 120 seconds.
potion_piercing_strikes_lPotion of Piercing Strikes   60.0 +2 Penetration with weapons
potionofrefugePotion of Refuge   10 +10 Health Restored per 3.0 sec
potionofrelentlessstrikingPotion of Relentless Striking   45 +15% Action Speed
+15% Melee Damage
-10 Deflection
potionofryngrimsrepulsivevisagePotion of Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage     Foe AoE: Sickened, Terrified, for 4.0 sec 
Accuracy vs. Fortitude per 3.0 sec
potionofspatialalacrityPotion of Spatial Alacrity   45 +20% Action Speed with Ranged attacks
25% of Misses converted to Grazes with Ranged attacks
potion_spirit_shield_lPotion of Spirit Shield   45
+3 Armor Rating
+3 Concentration
potionofsuperiorelementaldefensePotion of Superior Elemental Defense   45 75-pt Burn Damage Shield
75-pt Corrode Damage Shield
75-pt Freeze Damage Shield
75-pt Shock Damage Shield
potion_the_attuned_self_lPotion of the Attuned Self   45 +8 All Defenses against Body Affliction attacks
+8 All Defenses against Mind Affliction attacks
potionofthefearsomebrutePotion of Fearsome Brute   30.0 Self: Spellcasting Disabled, +1 enemies Engaged, +4 Might, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -4 Intellect
potionofthefinalstandPotion of Final Stand   6 Concentration
Cannot die
+25% Damage
potion_the_focused_mind_lPotion of Focused Mind    45 Resistance to Intellect afflictions
Resistance to Resolve afflictions
potion_the_resiliant_body_lPotion of the Resilient Body   45 Resistance to Might afflictions
Resistance to Constitution afflictions
px1_potion_of_minor_arcane_reflection_lPotion of Imperfect Arcane Reflection   45s 50% Chance to Reflect against Spells
potionofimprovedarcanereflectionPotion of Improved Arcane Reflection   60s 75% Chance to Reflect against Spells for 60.0 sec


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