Classes wizard-multiclasses-poe2 Cipher + wizard-multiclasses-poe2 Fighter
Power Source psionics-icon.png Psionics  discipline-icon.png Discipline
health-icon.png Health 40 Base +10 per level
accuracy-icon.png Accuracy 20/20
deflection-icon.png Deflection 20
fortitude-icon.png Fortitude 20
reflex-icon.png Reflex 17
will-icon.png Will 22

Psyblade Skills

athletics-icon.png1  explosives-icon.png1  mechanics-icon.png1  sleight_of_hand-icon.png1  bluff-icon.png1  insight-icon.png1  intimidate-icon.png1  metaphysics-icon.png1  streetwise-icon.png1  survival-icon.png


Psyblade is a Multiclass in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. To acquire this class, you just need to have a Cipher class and a Fighter class.


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Psyblade Tips & Builds

  • A full list of builds for all classes can be found on the Builds page.
  • Specific Psyblade Builds include: ??
  • Psyblade Power Level Notes
  • Psyblade is most useful when you chose the Soul Blade subclass, it basically boosts your melee damage and allows you to quickly gain enough focus to cast a Cipher Abilities.
  • You may like to focus one certain weapon, and save the ability points for more useful ones (especially these boost your damage or stunt enemies, like Brutal Backlash. If you really want to use more weapon types, try Black Jacket.)



Cipher Subclasses


 Bonus: Max focus is increased by 5. Reaching Max focus grants "Ascended" effect temporarily, increasing power level and reducing power focus cost to 0. Soul Whip does not turn off while Ascended and provides more bonus damage during Ascended.

 Penalty: While not Ascended, receive a penalty to Cipher's Power Level (-1). While not Ascended Soul Whip does much less damage, but generate more Focus. When Ascended fades, reduce focus to 0.



 Bonus: All Deception cipher spells have +20% range. +6 Focus on scoring Hits with Deception against FlankedBody AffiliationMind Affiliation targets.

 PenaltySoul Whip provides less bonus damage and reduced Focus against targets that are not vulnerable to Sneak Attack.

Soul Blade

 Bonus: Gains "Soul Annihilation" ability: a soul-enhanced melee strike that consumes the cipher's remaining power pool to converts it into Raw damage on the target. Shred Cipher spells cost less focus (-5). 
Downing an enemy with a Melee Weapon temporarily grants Concentration (Prevents Interrupts) and raises Max Focus by +10 for 30.0 seconds.

 Penalty: Max Focus is reduced by -5. (Combat starting amount as well begins at 2/25 vs 7/30 for Cipher)

Fighter Subclasses


Black Jacket

 Bonus: Start with an additional Weapon Set and Weapon Proficiency. Reduced Recovery time penalty by 1s when switching weapons.

 Penalty: Loses Constant Recovery.



 Bonus: May select a single Weapon Proficiency as their chosen weapon. Increased Penetration with their chosen weapon (+2). Increased Critical Hit damage with their chosen weapon (+25%).

 PenaltyAccuracy is penalized whenever using a weapon that is not their chosen weapon (-10). Only gain a single Proficiency and no new Proficiencies during level up.


 Bonus: +1 Engagement. Increased Penetration on Disengagement Attacks (+10). Gains "Shield Mastery" providing bonus Armor Rating while wearing a shield (+1).

 Penalty: Lower Stride in combat (-10%). Lower Reflexes (-15).



Cipher Abilities in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are actions that may only be performed by characters of the Cipher class or its hybrids. All abilities are divided into active and passive abilities.


Cipher Abilities


Active Abilities

Passive Abilities


Level 0
























Fighter Abilities in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are actions that may only be performed by characters of the Fighter class or its hybrids. All abilities are divided into active and passive abilities.

The Fighter Ability Tree characterizes for focusing on ?? and is well-complemented by a ?? build.


Fighter Abilities


Active Abilities

Passive Abilities


Level 0

























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