Ring of the Solitary Wanderer

Type Rings
Effects Self-Motivated: +1 Resolve
Lone Wolf: Grants Lone Wolf

Ring of the Solitary Wanderer is a unique Ring in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Rings can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.



This ring was the prized possession of Mikael Malloy, an orlan Bleak Walker of the Eastern Reach. He was a solitary man and preferred to work alone whenever possible. His compatriots rarely objected. Few of them could stomach Malloy's presence for any prolonged period. To anyone present he was a crude, cruel, and generally unlikeable soul, even by the brutal standards of the Bleak Walkers.

Malloy spoke at length of the countless foes he had bested, great beasts felled, and those he had crushed under his boot. If he was to be believed, the gods themselves trembled at his name. While few, if any, believed his rambling tales, none could deny that the orlan was a hardy bastard and had survived on his own through many lesser conflicts.

After retiring, Malloy settled in the Dyrwood and lived a quiet, comfortable life. His many rivals and enemies, however, had not forgotten him. A few brief weeks into retirement, his body was discovered in his washroom. His neighbors, hardly surprised, testified to the bailiff that Malloy must have accidently cut off his own head while shaving. Nothing had been stolen, save for his ring.



Ring of the Solitary Wanderer Information

  • Value: 410 cp
  • Lone Wolf: -35% Hostile effect duration on self while there are no allies nearby



Ring of the Solitary Wanderer Location/Acquire



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