Rods in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is a weapon category. Rods are two-handed ranged weapons, it can easily be distinguished from wands and scepters by its design wherein both heads of magical properties can be found on each end of the weapon. Despite its slow recharge and fire rate, this weapon is capable of focusing and releasing more soul energy which makes its attacks even more powerful. Rods proficiency grants Blast,  +50% Recovery time with rod weapons, but hitting enemies around the target. This page covers a full list of all the unique Rods that are found in the game.


Unique Rods

Name & Icon


Recovery Time



Amira's Wing
16-22 pierceslash 4s 9

You'll find this weapon in a hidden container in the middle of the area. Ruins of Amira's Roost (Coordinates: 28° 46' S 32° 26' E.)

Rod of the Deep Hunter
20-31 pierceslash 4s 8

Complete the Quest: The Shadow Under Neketaka to obtain this weapon.

Watershaper's Focus
10-14 pierceslash 4s 7

This weapon is carried by Tekehu.

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