Saint Omaku's Mercy

Saint Omaku's Mercy


14-20 Pierce/Slash




War Bow


Unfit For Melee: -10 Deflection against Melee weapons
Superb: +45% Damage, +12 Accuracy, +3 Penetration
Heavy Draw: -20% Action Speed, +10% Damage (Increases with Survival skill), +1 Penetration
Galawain's Favor: Restore +10 Health to nearby allies on scoring Kill (Increases with Religion skill)

Saint Omaku's Mercy is a Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


According to tradition, the man who would become Saint Omaku crafted this bow out of wild mangrove trees on a semi-mythical island known to the people of the Deadfire as Galawain’s Grove. There, if the legends are to be believed, Galawain gave Omaku charge over life and death on the island. He was tasked to maintain the balance of predator and prey, strong and weak. The penitent Omaku thus became the warden of Galawain’s creation, culling and healing in equal stride. He spent the long days of his life in service to the sanctity of the hunt.


Saint Omaku's Mercy Location/Where to find


Saint Omaku's Mercy Notes/Tips

  • Price: 4814
  • Recovery Time: 4s
  • ID: ??


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