Sandswept Ruins

Location 37° 34' S 32° 1' E
Sub-Areas None
NPC's None
Merchants None
Quests Mapping the Archipelago: West Wakara Reef

Sandswept Ruins is a Location in Pillars of Eternity 2. Sandswept Ruins can be found at 37° 34' S 32° 1' E.


 Sandswept Ruins Information

  • Sandswept Ruins doesn't have enemies, but tons of traps. Also, notice some traps require much higher mechanics skill to disarm. If your skill level is not high enough, you need to clear a path in traps then let your team members go through it one by one. If you have an out-of-combat movement ability like Bounding Boots' Leap, you can use it to skip the traps entirely.
  • Complete fire puzzle to obtain unique hammer: Last Word


  • To put down the firewall in the last chamber, you need to pull all the levers at the same time. (need 4 of your team members standing next to each of the levers.)

  • Once you loot the coffin ( aumaua skull and the Last Word),the door will seal shut and sand will start pouring in.. You need High Might or Athletics skills to escape. To disarm the sand trap and skip the sand flood completely, press the hidden button in the hidden room north of the entrance.

  • Winding Pass has some enemies waiting to ambush you, but you can find an alternative path to avoid them.

  • You can join the explorers at Lowland Sands, if you find the alternative path you can sell it to them for some coins.

  • You can disable the flames around the coffin by pulling the chains, you must interact with the small icon above the chains (hold x and use directional to see the options on console). Put one character next to each pillar, pause and issue orders to interact to all of them. You will know if it’s working because you hear a chain sound.
  • Once you grab the skull and the hammer, to open the door, cast a corosive spell, throw a grenade, then throw a cuncussive bomb.. door will open for you to leave. 
    • Complete fire puzzle to obtain unique hammer: Last Word
  • A secondary room has several death digits. Your party member with a good long bow can destroy the sigils from afar...
  • If your mechanics are level 15, you can disable all of the floor traps for a nice chunk of XP
  • The skull on the altar can be examined in your inventory, giving a wardstone which, if activated from your quick item slots, grants immunity to the Sigils of Death, allowing you to reach the button to disable the sand trap and so take the hammer.


NPCs at Sandswept Ruins

  • None


Quests related to Sandswept Ruins


Sandswept Ruins Map



Sandswept Ruins Notes & Tips

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