Sea-Weathered Grimoire

Type  Grimoire

Sea-Weathered Grimoire is a Grimoire in Pillars of Eternity 2.



A grimoire is the lifeblood of any wizard's magical repertoire. These books are painstakingly constructed with rare materials arranged in precise configurations, and are able to temporarily hold fragments of ambient soul essence, which is channeled through the book and discharged in the form of a spell.

It is a popular misconception among the uninitiated that wizards are the shapers of the magical energies they wield. In truth it is the pages of the grimoire that do the shaping. The art of wizardry is in the disciplined control and manipulation of the grimoire, with the most skilled wizards able to coax spells of maximal effectiveness and magnitude from their tomes.

Though all grimoires are limited by a finite set of pages, many accomplished wizards are known to carry several grimoires at once to handle a variety of situations.



Sea-Weathered Grimoire Information

  • Price: 
  • Number of spells per school: 6 Conjuration, 5 Enchanting, 3 Transmutation, 3 Evocation, 1 Illusions



Sea-Weathered Grimoire Location/Acquire

    • Can be dropped by Eamund the Fox (encounter in Dunnage).



Sea-Weathered Grimoire Spells


Level Spell Name Description Price
Level 1

Chill Fog
 (Frost, Transmutation)


Spirit Shield

Calls a blindingly white icy fog into existence, inflicting Blindness and Freeze damage over time to any in the area of effect.


Surrounds the caster with a shield of spirit energy, granting an increased Damage Reduction and a Concentration bonus.




Level 2 bulwark_against_the_elements
Bulwark Against The Elements


Arcane Veil
 (Conjuration, Veil)

Creates a mystical shield around the caster, suffusing them with bonuses to Burn, Freeze, Corrode, and Shock Damage Reductions.


Conjures a protective shield of magic, dramatically boosting the wizard's Deflection.



Level 3

Crackling Bolt
 (Electricity, Evocation)


Deleterious Alacrity of Motion

Caster becomes a living generator for a powerful bolt of electricity that streaks out in a straight line and bounces off of walls, harming anything caught in its path.


Caster draws upon his or her life force to gain an increase to Speed and Movement while draining his or her own Endurance.




Level 4



imensional Shift

Transmutes the caster's skin into iron, adding significantly to their Damage Reduction. This effect lasts for up to ten attacks.


Switches the locations of the caster and one ally, leaving a shockwave between them that Stuns all caught in the line of fire.




Level 5

Blast of Frost
 (Frost, Evocation)


Citzal's Spirit Lance

Creates a bitter surge of ice and freezing cold air, inflicting Freeze damage on anyone caught in the conical area of effect.


Creates a pike of pure magical force, that deals Pierce damage and causes a foe-only blast explosion when striking.




Level 6

Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar
 (Frost, Transmutation)


Chain Lightning
 (Evocation, Electricity)

Calls down an enormous spike of ice, pulsing Freeze damage on enemies in the area of effect and creating an intense circle of frost that can Hobble foes it touches.


The caster calls forth a tremendous bolt of electricity that arcs directly to a single target and then jumps between up to six nearby enemies. Others in the area of effect are not harmed by the arcane lightning.




Level 7

Citzal's Martial Power


Llengrath's Warding Staff

Caster temporarily sacrifices arcane power for martial might. Wizard gains bonuses to Deflection, Accuracy, Might, Constitution and Dexterity, but becomes unable to cast spells or switch grimoires for the duration of the spell.


This spell conjures a powerful quarterstaff that adds Deflection and pushes enemies away with a Hobbled effect on each successful attack. The summoning itself also pushes everyone (including allies) away from the caster.




Level 8

Kalakoth's Freezing Rake
 (Illusions, Kalakoth's Spell)


Caedebald's Blackbow

A ghostly, skeletal hand rakes across the area, doing Freeze damage to enemies in the area, leaving them Weakened and Hobbled.


The wizard summons a frightful bow that does Corrode damage to enemies and leaves them Terrified. Each bolt of energy the wizard fires bounces to one additional target.




Level 9

Citzal's Enchanted Armory


Cloak of Death

Caster temporarily sacrifices arcane power for martial might. The wizard gains bonuses to Deflection and Accuracy, as well as the Strong, Fit, and Quick Inspirations, but becomes unable to cast spells for the duration of the effect.


Summons a swirling cloak of black energy around the Wizard. the cloak will banish the wizard's melee attackers, imprisoning them in darkness for a short time, where they cannot take actions and well receive rapid Raw damage over time.









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