Seeker's Fang

Atk Time Rec Time Pen Dmg
1s 3s 10 10-14 pierce
+5 Accuracy; +45% damage +12 accuracy +3 Penetration;
+25% trap effectiveness
Initiative: 3 (in turn-based mode)

Seeker's Fang is a Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Sleek yet thorned, jagged and impossibly sharp, it's difficult to tell whether this blade is forged of some exotic metal or shaped from the very leg of an enormous arachnid. It pierces the air without effort or sound, penetrating steel nigh as easily as flesh.

A weapon injures. A trap debilitates. The Seeker serves the seeking, snaring the hearts and eyes of eight and eighty foes, tangling the hundredfold path before the traveler. Silent enough to avoid attention and piercing enough to face attention unavoided, this rapier more than merely murders - it confounds.So sing the Huana. So howl the Faces of the Hunt.

The hundredfold path branches one hundred hundred times. The Seeker will not guide the seeking, for it would tread willingly each path and back again, experiencing the whole of things as they were and will be. Thus does the traveler serve the Seeker, narrowing potentials and possibilities with the sharp point of decision.So sing the Huana. So howl the Faces of the Hunt.

The Seeker seeks the seeking. From dawn until dawn again, as a needle taken to cloth, one hundred hundred travelers weave one hundred hundred cloaks from the hundredfold path. From dawn until dawn again, the Seeker confounds every foe at every fork.The Seeker seeks here and elsewhere.

So sing the Huana. So howl the Faces of the Hunt.


Seeker's Fang Location/Where to find




Seeker's Fang Notes/Tips

  • Price:
  • Recovery Time:
  • Range: 
  • Handing: 
  • ID: ??


Seeker's Fang Upgrades

Level Requirements Classes Enchantments
1 Apply 35 Afflictions to enemies Cipher
Spider's Flurry: Grants Spider's Flurry
2 Complete each of The Seeker's Path fights Cipher Spider's Patience: Deals Raw Damage per 1.0 sec for 16.0 sec on scoring Crit (Damage scales with Cipher's current Focus)
Ranger Spider's Union: +10% Action Speed when near the wielder's animal companion
Rogue Spider's Speed: Gain 150% Stride for 5.0 sec after attacking from Stealth.
Wizard Spider's Escape: After applying a Dexterity Affliction, become Immune to Engagement for 3.0 sec
3 Deal 500 damage with Shred powers
Deal 1000 Damage
Cipher Aspect of the Spider: 5 Raw damage per 3.0 sec for 8.0 sec on scoring Hit against targets affected by Body Affliction / Mind Affliction effectsLegendary: +60% Damage, +15 Accuracy, +4 Penetration
Deal 1000 damage against flanked enemies Ranger
Deal 1000 damage against afflicted enemies Rogue
Apply 50 Dexterity Afflictions
Apply 100 Afflictions to enemies


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