Class Options:

Barbarian and Cipher (Wild Mind)

Merge Class Option



Príncipi sen Patrena



Wild Orlan


Might: 15
Constitution: 11
Dexterity: 12
Perception: 14
Intellect: 13
Resolve: 13

Serafen is a Companion in Pillars of Eternity 2. Companions assist the player by joining his/her party and have their own backstories and unique characteristcs. They all have their own Classes and equipment they begin with.


"INGAME Description"



Serafen's Information

  • You may recruit him after you repaired the Defiant and set sail for the first time. After leaving Port Maje your ship will be chased by the Captain Furrante's ship, the Gentleman of Leisure. After a brief conversation with the captain, Serafen becomes available for recruitment. 



Special Ability

Serafen's character traits


  • Skulduggery: appreciates people who use lies, deception, and general chicanery to get their way.
  • Lighthearted: appreciates jokes and levity in life, even in the darkest of circumstances.
  • Impassioned: is a passionate person and responds well to people with similarly strong emotions.
  • Wordly: appreciates a cosmopolitan lifestyle and outlook on life.


  • Anti-Principi: supports the pirates of the Príncipi sen Patrena and dislikes those who act against them.
  • Racism: takes a dim view of racist comments and attitudes.

Tips and Notes

  1. Serafen's starting equipment: Serafen's Padded Mail, Hand Mortar (unique), Battle Axe, two pistols, some Scorching Venom, some Potions of Moderate Healing, some Cinder Bombs and a Deadeye.
  2. ??


Serafen's Quest

A Sorcerer and a Gentleman



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