Shared Pain

Shared Pain 

Keywords: Mortification
Cast Time: 1.4 sec
Recovery Time: 3.0 sec
Range: 10m
Noise: Quiet

Foe Target:

5-7 Crush, 12 Raw Damage for 9.0 sec

Full Attack 

In the blink of an eye, the monk streaks toward a distant target, hitting them with a Full Attack and inflicting terrible Crush damage on anyone in their path.

(Shared Pain) - Enemies in the path are flagellated, suffering a raw damage bleed effect based on the number of Wounds the monk has.

Shared Pain is an active Monk Ability in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.  Abilities are usually class-specific, and players may opt to make a Multiclass character in order to pick from a mixture of two different ability trees. However, rarely some Abilities can be found in 2 or more Classes.




Shared Pain Information




Shared Pain Tips & Notes

  • In the turn-based mode, this ability now lasts 1 round.
    In the turn-based mode, this ability has the Initiative of 3.





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