Shattered Vengeance



13-18 Crush






Accurate: +5 Accuracy
Exceptional: +30% Damage, +8 Accuracy, +2 Penetration
Shards of Woedica: 33% chance to apply a stacking curse on the target, increasing their damage received

Shattered Vengeance is a Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


This club originates from the little-known sacking of Munga Waikinga, an obscure Rauataian village. The villagers were taken by complete surprise when a band of slavers descended on them. The slavers quickly overwhelmed the few guards and set to work rounding up the terrified people and killing those too old, too young, or too weak to fetch a good price at auction.One teenage girl, Lula Ko was not about allow the villains to harm her infant brother or enfeebled grandmother. Resolved not to surrender without a fight, she broke into the chapel of Woedica in the village common and plucked a torch from above the alter. She dipped it in pitch and smashed the priest's reflecting mirror, creating a club crowned in jagged glass. She prayed forgiveness from Woedica for her sacrilege and went out to confront the slavers.

The girl's boldness surprised the slaver captain and he was only able to laugh before Lula Ko killed him with a single blow to his head. The villagers, inspired by Lula Ko's bravery, revolted against their captors - winning the day against all odds. The people of Munga Waikinga forever honored the warrior-child, as she and her sacred weapon were surely blessed by Woedica.


Shattered Vengeance Location/Where to find


Shattered Vengeance Notes/Tips

  • Price: 1007
  • Recovery Time: 3s
  • Shards of Woedica curse gives 5% Damage increase

Shattered Vengeance Upgrades





Blessed Defiance +1 Engagement when 2 enemies are nearby 3000cp Scales x1, Berath's Bell x1, Chitin Leg x1
Coordinated Escape Immune to Engagement while near 2 or more allies 3000cp Scoria x1, Quill Leaf x1, Ta Ondra Tara x1
Superb +45% Damage, +12 Accuracy, +3 Penetration 15000cp Ta Ondra Tara x1, Pyrite x1, Peridot x1


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