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Shifter is a Subclass in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Subclasses are a specialization of a main Class, and can be mixed for Multiclassing. The name of the resulting mix will be the same as it would have been for the primary class, regardless of the subclass you have taken.


"Shifters emphasize the spiritshifting capabilities of druids rather than their spellcasting abilities. Unlike other druids, shifters possess the ability to shift to any animal form. Shifters are known as isolated and antisocial druids, often living as hermits far from civilization."



Shifter Subclass Information

 Bonus: Druid can switch to any of the Spiritshifting animals, once each, per combat. Spiritshift has a longer duration. After a spiritshift ends, the druid is healed a portion of their health. Automatically learns following spells: Nature's Mark, Insect Swarm, Infestation of Maggots, Form of the Delemgan, Nature's Terror, Garden of Life, Rusted Armor, Entropy, Pollen Patch

 Penalty: Cannot cast spells while in animal form.



Shifter Tips & Notes

  • See Builds for ideas on how to create strong characters
  • Shifters do not need to select an animal during Character Creation, as they have access to them all.
  • Druid spells cannot be cast while Spiritshifted, nor any other "spell", this includes from other spell casting Classes.
  • Active Abilities from martial Classes do work when shifted, however, making it a good idea to Multiclass with one if you play a Shifter.



Druid Spiritshifts

Info companion_ghost_bear
Storm Blight
Weapon Type 2 One-Handed Bear Claws
Slash Damage
4.0 sec Recovery Time
2 One-Handed Boar Tusks
Pierce Damage
4.0 sec Recovery Time
2 One-Handed Wolf Teeth
Pierce Damage
4.0 sec Recovery Time
2 One-Handed Cat Claws
Slash Damage
3.0 sec Recovery Time
2 One-Handed Stag Horns
Pierce Damage
4.0 sec Recovery Time
1 Two-Handed Elemental Claws
Shock Damage
4.0 sec Recovery Time
10m range, +4m bounce
Armor Uses own Armor
(8 +2 +1 every 5th Level)
Uses own Armor
(8+ Power Level +1 every 5th Level)
Uses own Armor
(8+ Power Level +1 every 5th Level)
Uses own Armor
(8+ Power Level +1 every 5th Level)
Uses own Armor
(8+ Power Level +1 every 5th Level)
Uses own Armor
(8+ Power Level +1 every 5th Level)
Crush and Fire weak
Immunity to Shock
Bonuses +1 Enemies Engaged

+1 Enemies Engaged
Heals every 3.0 seconds for entire Duration
Deals Raw Damage over time with melee attacks
+25% Stride None +7 to all Defenses for entire Duration +20 Range and +1 Penetration with Druids Elements spells
Ability Druid Bear Terrifying Roar None Knock Down Cat Flurry Attack Druid Stag Carnage Storm's Rage
Shifting Storm




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