Shining Bulwark

Type Large Shield
Deflection 16
Accuracy -8



Shield Engagement: +1 enemies Engaged
Exceptional: +4 Shield Deflection
Defensive Beacon: Grants Defensive Beacon

Shining Bulwark is a Shield in Pillars of Eternity 2.



The Shining Bulwark originated as the common shield of a guard captain of Old Vailia. While escorting her master and his delegation of nobles to negotiate with political dissidents in one of the colonies, the captain received word that the people of the region had risen in revolt, declaring themselves free of Old Vailia. The entire city descended into chaos as populist rebels took to the streets against the few loyalist defenders. The captain suddenly found herself and those under her protection in hostile territory, surrounded by enemies eager for their blood.

Wasting no time, the captain organized her small force of house guards and led them towards the harbor, where a loyalist ship waited to evacuate her masters to the safety of Old Vailia. Beset by a mob of angry rebels, they fought through the streets and kept their shields between the rioters and their masters. Upon reaching the harbor, the guard captain made a desperate last stand as her fellows and masters boarded the last ship out of the port. Those aboard later recalled watching the captain battle the furious multitude, her shield glowing like the sun.



Shining Bulwark Information

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Shining Bulwark Location/Acquire

  • Weapons Rack on east side of Crookspur Fort.



Shining Bulwark Upgrades











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