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Shock Chain Trap is a Trap in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Traps can be placed outside of combat and are triggered when an enemy walks over them. A trap's effectiveness increases with the Mechanics of the user, traps cannot be crafted and can only be purchased or looted. 


This complex device generates a powerful field of electricity, shocking both the person who set it off and those unfortunate enough to be standing near the victim.


Shock Chain Trap Information

  • Penetration: 7
  • Duration: 0.0 sec.
  • Area of Effect: 0m Radius Hazard + 3 Jump Targets
  • Noise upon use / impact: Quiet / Extremely Loud
  • Triggered effects:
    • 7-10shock_damage-icon / Accuracy vs. Deflection
    • If successful, Disoriented for 9sec / Accuracy vs. Deflection



Shock Chain Trap Location



Shock Chain Trap Tips & Notes

  • Sell Value: copper_pand_icon75
  • Purchase Value: copper_pand_icon375




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