Sidekicks in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are covered on this page. Sidekicks are unique NPCs integral to specific quests, have their own personalities and looks and may join your party after completing their associated quest. However, unlike Companions, they do not have any personal quest and do not participate in party relationship system.




Class: FighterMonk

Location: Flotsam at the eastern edge of the world map.


Class: Cipher / Rogue / Mindstalker

Location: Spire of the Soul-seers Rooftop (Neketaka).


Class: Monk / Brawler / Shadowdancer

Location: The Court (Fort Deadlight)











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    • Anonymous

      Are you sure Rekke is a sidekick? I talked to him and he translated a stone tablet for me, and there was a hint in the conversation that he will have a quest

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