Subclass of Chanter
Bonus Offensive Invocations cost -1 Phrase. Weapon Critical Hits have a 50% chance to grant a phrase
Penalty Non-Offensive Invocations cost +1 Phrase to cast.

Skald is a Subclass in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Subclasses are a specialization of a main Class, and can be mixed for Multiclassing. The name of the resulting mix will be the same as it would have been for the primary class, regardless of the subclass you have taken.


"While many chanters prefer to work their magic from the safety of the back lines, skalds depend on toe-to-toe combat to power their invocation. Skalds are found in many cultures with a proud martial tradition, celebrating the deeds of their neighbors, kin, and ancestors."


Skald Subclass Information

 Bonus: Offensive Invocations have reduced cost of -1 Phrase (Chant).
Weapon Critical Hits have a 50% chance to grant +1 Phrase (Chant)

 Penalty: Non-Offensive Invocations have an increased cost of +1 Phrase (Chant)


Skald Tips & Notes

  • See Builds for ideas on how to create strong characters
  • Specific builds for Skald: ??
  • Other notes and tips: ??




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