Soul Collector

Type Spirit
Base Level 16
Resistances None
Immunities Constitution Afflictions
Weaknesses None 
Abilities  Absorb Essence, Soul Shred, Entropic Shroud
Drops Spirit Residue, Compassionate Soul Essence

Soul Collector is an Enemy in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Unlike many of the denizens of Rymrgand's realm, Soul Collectors do not destroy essence - they absorb it. These tireless amalgamations of energy patrol the Beyond and sate their enormous hunger on any wayward souls or fragments they happen across. Those who are devoured by the Soul Collectors do not join oblivion - at least not right away. Their memories and awareness are digested and sublimated into the same being, though they still reach out for wayward souls as if to blindly grasp at freedom. To aid their task, each Collector is armed with a lantern that draws in soul energy like moths to a flame. It is theorized that when a Soul Collector has glutted themselves beyond some unimaginable capacity they willingly feed themselves to a Warden of Decay, but this process has never been observed.



Soul Collector information

  • Damage: 35-50 Crush
  • Damage (LH): None
  • Attributes: 18 Mig, 16 Con, 14 Dex, 8 Per, 10 Int, 14 Res

Stats table (without level-scaling):

Difficulty level / Stats

Base Health

Base Acc






Path of the Damned 663 98 94 13 (15slash, 11crush, 11freeze, Imm.corrode) 103 79 118


Soul Collector Location


Soul Collector Drop



Notes and Tips

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