Soul Void

Type Amulet
Effects Of Intellect: +1 Intellect
Best Part of Waking Up: Grants the effect of Whiteleaf after a Rest

Soul Void is a unique Amulet in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Amulets can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.



This dragon pendant is actually an intricately carved pipe of the type traditionally used to smoke whiteleaf. It is carved from what can only be a scale from the great adra dragon. Meticulous care was taken to fashion the wide, toothy mouth, which serves as the pipe's bowl. The small dragon seems to be both roaring and smiling, hungrily demanding to be packed and lit.

The pipe was the personal paraphernalia of Jehrelv the Addled, a wizard and animancer known not only for his love of whiteleaf, but also his obsession with its effects on the soul. His aloof and cruel nature led him to perform many questionable acts in his attempt to comprehend higher states of consciousness. He had a proclivity for stealing the souls of his associates and acquaintances, usually by inviting them to partake in poisoned potent whiteleaf. His victims would die and their souls, disoriented, would linger briefly. Jehrelv would then trap them in his favorite pipe. He always planned to conduct experiments on the souls of those who died in such a state, but often got distracted or just forgot.

Jehrelv came to a fitting end when, while not precisely in his right mind, he mistakenly smoked a batch of his own blighted whiteleaf and died. His spirit, confused, wandered into the pipe of its own volition, and has been unable to find its way out. It has plenty of company.



Soul Void Information

  • Value: 210 cp
  • ??



Soul Void Location/Acquire



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