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Stormturner Cloak is a Clothing in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Clothing can provide benefits to the character wearing it, but does not provide Armor Rating. Instead it generally provides no bonus or a bonus to Attributes or Stats.


Once common among the most experienced fishermen and shark hunters of the Huana tribes, cloaks like this were stitched together from layers of vellum-thick seal hide and oiled against the elements. They not only served the practical purpose of keeping the wearer relatively warm and dry while protecting them from snapping teeth and lashing tentacles, but also denoted status; an individual draped in these hides willingly braved Ngati's unforgiving domain to support the tribe. This particular cloak bears the signs of years of hard use, its stitching frayed and edges ragged. Despite the obvious wear, the mantle's hardy construction continues to ward off water and chill alike.


Stormturner Cloak Information

  • Oilskin: Grants Armor Rating against Water attacks that increases as wearer loses Health (Max +3AR)
  • Neither Sleet: Grants Armor Rating against Freeze attacks that increases as wearer loses Health (Max +3AR)
  • Nor Storm: Grants Armor Rating against Shock attacks that increases as wearer loses Health (Max +3AR)


Stormturner Cloak Location/Where to find



Stormturner Cloak Tips & Notes

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