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Streetfighter is a Subclass in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Subclasses are a specialization of a main Class, and can be mixed for Multiclassing. The name of the resulting mix will be the same as it would have been for the primary class, regardless of the subclass you have taken.


"Streetfighters excel when the odds are against them, becoming especially deadly when they are outnumbered and bloodied."


Streetfighter Subclass Information


  • -50% Recovery Time
  • +50% Damage against Flanked, Mind Afflicted or Body Afflicted targets, when the street fighter is Flanked or Bloodied.
  • +100% Weapon Crit Damage when the Streetfighter is both Flanked and Bloodied.




Streetfighter Tips & Notes

  • See Builds for ideas on how to create strong characters
  • Streetfighters get a bonus when Flanked or Bloodied, but gain the Crit Damage increase only when both. This means you will want high Constitution so that you aren't close to death when you become Bloodied.
  • Persistent Distraction is a great passive for a Streetfighter.
  • Increase your Deflection to help increase the frequency of your Ripostes, and also to help keep you alive.
  • The Dagger Weapon Ability provides Deflection and can be used in the stead of a Shield to help keep Accuracy high.
  • The bonus from Streetfighter to Flanked, Mind Afflicted and Body Afflicted enemies is in addition to Sneak Attack.




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