Subclasses in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are secondary selections beyond your primary or Multiclasses choice. Subclasses determine your character's Abilities, aptitudes and how they will develop as they increase in level.


Subclasses in POE2: Deadfire




 Bonustenacious-inspiration-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire Tenacious (+5 Might, + 2 Penetration) and hardy-inspiration-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire Hardy (+5 Constitution, + 2 Armor Rating) are the Inspirations gained while Frenzied. 
This replaces tenacious-inspiration-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire  Strong (+5 Might) and fit-inspiration-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire Fit (+5 ConstitutionInspirations.
Gaint 30% Hit to Crit conversion on melee and carnage attacks while frenzied.

 Penaltyconfused-inspiration-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire Confused status inflicts -5 Intellect and turns all Carnage attacks into Friend or Foe, resulting in friendly fire. 
Players also take Raw Damage at the rate of 2 Raw Damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds, -10 Deflection. Cannot see Health when frenzied.




 Bonus: Gain the Ability Flesh Communion, target a hostile deceased  KithWilder or Beast to devour their corpses.
Flesh Communion also heals for 50 Health and grants +3 Rage and Barbarian Resources.

 Penalty: All Rage abilities increase in cost by 1.


 Mage Slayer

 Bonus: Successful melee weapon attacks (or Carnage Hits) add Spell Disruption to the target, causing wizard, priest, druid, cipher, or chanter spells to have a chance to fail when cast. Gain 25% passive Resistance against Spells.

 Penalty: Cannot use Potions or Scrolls. Passive Spell Resistance affects Friendly and Hostile spells.



 Fury Shaper

 Bonus: Gain Shape Ward: Frenzy at Power Level 1. Gain Shape Ward: Fear at Power Level 4. Gain Shape Ward: Blood at Power Level 8. 

Gain bonus +10 Accuracy against Spirit targets.

 Penalty: If a ward is destroyed, take immediate Raw damage and Power Level penalty until combat ends.

Will is reduced (-15 Will).




 Bonus: All Invocations will summon twice the original number of creatures.

 Penalty: The chanter's summons are smaller and have reduced Health and Duration. Summon Invocations cost +1 Phrases.



 Bonus: Offensive Invocations have reduced cost of -1 Phrase. Weapon Critical Hits have a 50% chance to grant +1 Phrase.

 Penalty: Non-Offensive Invocations have an increased cost of +1 Phrase.


 BonusLinger for Phrases is increased significantly (this means that as one phrase ends and another starts, they overlap for a little while giving both effects). 
Gain "Brisk Recitation" modal ability that increases the rate that phrases elapse, but removes the linger. 

 Penalty: All Invocations have an increased cast cost of +1 Phrase (Chant)



 Bonus: Invocations grant (and benefit from) a brief bonus to Power Level based on the number of held Phrases.

 Penalty: Invocations consume all remaining Phrases. Chant radius is reduced (-50% Chant Area of Effect).




 Bonus: Max focus is increased by 5. Reaching Max focus grants "Ascended" effect temporarily, increasing power level and reducing power focus cost to 0. Soul Whip does not turn off while Ascended and provides more bonus damage during Ascended.

 Penalty: While not Ascended, receive a penalty to Cipher's Power Level (-1). While not Ascended Soul Whip does much less damage, but generates more Focus. When Ascended fades, Focus is reduced to 0.



 Bonus: All Deception Cipher spells have +20% range. +5 Focus (+1 more for every Cipher Power Level) on scoring Hits with Deception spells against FlankedBody AffiliationMind Affiliation targets.

 PenaltySoul Whip provides less bonus damage and reduced Focus against targets that are not vulnerable to Sneak Attack.

Soul Blade

 Bonus: Gains "Soul Annihilation" ability: a soul-enhanced melee strike that consumes the cipher's remaining power pool to converts it into Raw damage on the target. Shred Cipher spells cost less focus (-5). 
Downing an enemy with a Melee Weapon temporarily grants Concentration (Prevents Interrupts) and raises Max Focus by +10 for 30.0 seconds.

 Penalty: Max Focus is reduced by -5. (Combat starting amount as well begins at 2/25 vs 7/30 for Cipher)



 Bonus: Gain Soul Mind passive ability. Gain Telekinetic Burst ability.

 Penalty: Loses Soul Whip ability. Receiving damage disables Soul Mind briefly.





 Bonus: Instead of an animal form, Furies spiritshift into a storm blightElemental druid spells gain +20% range and +1 Penetration. Killing an enemy while spiritshifted extends the duration of the shift. Automatically learns following spells: Dancing BoltsBurst of Summer FlameReturning StormHail StormRelentless StormSunlanceWeather the StormAvenging StormGreat Maelstrom

 Penalty: Cannot cast Rejuvenation spells.



 BonusDruid Rejuvenation spells cast with +2 Power Level. While spiritshifted, the druid's power level bonus to Rejuvenation spells is increased to +5. Automatically learn the following druid spells at new power levels: Nature's VigorThe Moon's LightNature's BalmMoonwellCleansing WindGarden of LifeNature's BountyRegeneratePollen Patch

 Penalty: Cannot cast creature summon spells. After spiritshift, the druid receives a significant penalty to the power level of their Rejuvenation spells, until combat ends.



 Bonus: Gain bonus Power Level with Beast and Plant spells. Automatically learn the following druid spells at new power levels: 1, Summon Sporelings 2, Hold Beasts 3, Wild Growth 4, Form of the Delemgan 5, Wall of Thorns 6, Venombloom 7, Call to the Primordials 8, Fire Stag 9, Aspect of Galawain

 Penalty: Reduced defense against Veil-Piercing attacks. Increased damage received from vessels.


 Bonus: Druid can switch to any of the Spiritshifting animals, once each, per combat. Spiritshift has a longer duration. After a spiritshift ends, the druid is healed a portion of their health. Automatically learns following spells: Nature's MarkInsect SwarmInfestation of MaggotsForm of the DelemganNature's TerrorGarden of LifeRusted ArmorEntropyPollen Patch

 Penalty: Cannot cast spells while in animal form.



 Bonus: Automatically learn the following druid spells at new power levels: SunbeamThe Moon's LightReturning StormConjure BlightPlague of InsectsSunlaceLashing VineRegenerateTornado.

 Penalty: --




Black Jacket

 Bonus: Start with an additional Weapon Set and Weapon Proficiency. Reduced Recovery time penalty by 1s when switching weapons.

 Penalty: Constant Recovery is less effective. (+2 Health Restored per 3.0 sec for 45.0 sec. Other subclasses have +5 Health Restored for the same amount of time).



 Bonus: May select a single Weapon Proficiency as their chosen weapon. Increased Penetration with their chosen weapon (+2). Increased Critical Hit damage with their chosen weapon (+25%).

 Penalty: Accuracy is penalized whenever using a weapon that is not their chosen weapon (-10). Only gain a single Proficiency and no new Proficiencies during level up.


 Bonus: +1 Engagement. Increased Penetration on Disengagement Attacks (+10). Gains "Shield Mastery" providing bonus Armor Rating while wearing a shield (+1).

 Penalty: Lower Stride in combat (-10%). Lower Reflexes (-15).



 Bonus: Restore Discipline when successfully interrupting an enemy action. Gain Brilliant Tactician.

 Penalty: Penetration and Accuracy is reduced when attacking a target that is not threatened by an ally. Gain Tactical Dilemma.




 Bonus: Begin combat with +1 Wounds (3 total). Helwalker monks gain +1 Might for each Wound they have.

 Penalty: Helwalker Monks take 5% more damage for each Wound they have.



 Bonus: All drug effects last longer. +1 wound and +50% Beneficial effect duration of drugs.

 Penalty: Crash penalties from drugs cause the monk to be unable to receive healing. -1 Wounds per 3s while not benefiting from drugs.

Shattered Pillar

 Bonus: Gain Wounds by melee weapon damage inflicted.

 Penalty: Cannot gain Wounds from damage received. The required threshold to gain Wounds is increased to 20. Max Wound limit is decreased to 5.


Forbidden Fist

 Bonus: Gain Wounds and Health when Hostile effects expire. Gain Forbidden Fist ability.

 Penalty: No longer gain wounds from damage received.



Bleak Walkers

 Bonus: Gain Flames of Devotion. Flames of Devotion deals additional +12% Corrode damage (Black Flames) and applies the Sickened Affliction to targets, reducing their Constitution by -5 and incoming healing by -25%.

 Penalty: --

 Favored Dispositions: Aggressive & Cruel

 Disfavored Dispositions: Benevolent & Diplomatic


Darcozzi Paladini

 Bonus: Gain Lay on Hands. Lay on Hands grants a minor Flame Shield to the allied target (+4 Freeze Armor Rating, 4-7 Burn damage to attackers for 45.0 sec).

 Penalty: --

 Favored Dispositions: Clever & Passionate

 Disfavored Dispositions: Cruel & Stoic


The Shieldbearers of St. Elcga

 Bonus: Gain Lay on Hands. Lay on Hands prevents the allied arget from being killed for a short time (4.0 sec). While equipped with a shield, +1 Engagement.

 Penalty: --

 Favored Dispositions: Diplomatic & Honest

 Disfavored Dispositions: Aggressive & Cruel

Goldpact Knights

 Bonus: Gain Sworn Enemy. Sworn Enemy gains the upgrade "Gilded Enmity" which causes the paladin to be imbued with a blessing of gold when they declare a Sworn Enemy. The paladin receives bonus Armor Rating (+4) until struck enough times for the gold to break.

 Penalty: --

 Favored Dispositions: Stoic & Rational

 Disfavored Dispositions: Agressive & Passionate


Kind Wayfarers

 Bonus: Gain Flames of Devotion. Flames of Devotion heals nearby allies (White Flames, +14 Health restored AoE on scoring Hit).

 Penalty: --

 Favored Dispositions: Passionate & Benevolent

 Disfavored Dispositions: Cruel & Shady


The Steel Garrote

 Bonus: Heal for a portion of the damage dealt to afflicted targets. Gain Garrote ability.

 Penalty: --

 Favored Dispositions: Rational & Cruel

 Disfavored Dispositions: Benevolent & Diplomatic




 Bonus: Automatically learns the following spells at appropriate power level: 1. Touch of Rot 2. Holy Meditation 3. Spreading Plague 4. Divine Terror 5. Rot Skulls 6. Salvation of Time 7. Rusted Armor 8. Symbol of Berath 9. Hand of Berath

 Penalty: --



 Bonus: Automatically learns following spells at appropriate power level: 1. Sunbeam 2. Withdraw 3. Watchful Presence 4. Circle of Protection 5. Revive the Fallen 6. Minor Intercession 7. Resurrection 8. Symbol of Eothas 9. Light of Eothas

 Penalty: --



 Bonus: Automatically learns following spells at appropriate power level: 1, Fan of Flames 2, Spiritual Weapon 3, Ray of Fire 4, Shining Beacon 5. Flame Shield 6, Pillar of Holy Fire 7, Torrent of Flame 8, Symbol of Magran 9, Magran's Might

 Penalty: --


 Bonus: Automatically learns following spells at appropriate power level: 1. Barbs of Condemnation 2, Escape 3, Divine Mark 4, Finishing Blow 5, Shadowing Beyond 6, Spiritual Ally 7, Minor Avatar 8. Symbol of Skaen 9, Revenge of Skaen

 Penalty: --



 Bonus: Automatically learns following spells at appropriate power level: 1. Arcane Veil 2, Iconic Projection 3, Mirrored Image 4, Llengrath's Displaced Image 5, Confusion 6, Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment 7, Gaze of the Adragan 8, Symbol of Wael 9, Blessing of Wael

 Penalty: --



 Bonus: Automatically learns following spells at appropriate power level: 1. Writ of Engagement 2, Spiritual Weapon 3, Writ of Consumption 4, Divine Terror 5, Writ of War 6, Pillar of Holy Fire 7, Writ of Sorcery 8, Hand of Weal and Woe 9, Writ of Mending

 Penalty: --



Ghost Heart

 Bonus: Immune to Bonded Grief. Animal Companion is immune to Engagement.

 Penalty: Must actively summon Animal Companion during battle (costs Bond and has a duration) Companion is considered a Spirit and is affected by Spirit-targeting powers. Animal Companion cannot be healed (Unable to learn both Heal Pet and Revive Pet abilities).



 Bonus: 15% of the Hits convert to Crits with ranged weapons against ≥ 4m targets.  +1 Penetration with ranged weapons against ≤ 4m distance targets.

 Penalty: +10% Recovery Time. -10 Deflection.


 Bonus: The stalker and their companion gain +5 Deflection and +1 Armor Rating when within 4m of each other.

 Penalty: The stalker and their companion suffer Bonded Grief when they are more than 7m from each other.


Arcane Archer

 Bonus: Imbue spell effects gain +5 Accuracy (bonus scales with Arcana skill). Gain Imbue: Missiles at Power Level 1. Gain Imbue: Web at Power Level 3. Gain Imbue: Fireball at Power Level 5. Gain Imbue: Eora at Power Level 7. Gain Imbue: Death at Power Level 9.

 Penalty: Receive a -5 penalty to Accuracy with attacks not of the following traits: Imbue, Elements, Fire, Frost, Acid, Electricity, and Spell. -15 Max Health.





 Bonus: Gain Assassinate passive. From Stealth, attacks receive +4 Penetration, +25 Accuracy and +50% Critical Hit Damage.

 Penalty: All Damage received is increased by 15%




 Bonus: -50% Recovery Time +50% Damage against Flanked, Mind Afflicted or Body Afflicted targets, when the street fighter is Flanked or Bloodied. +100% Weapon Crit Damage when the Streetfighter is both Flanked and Bloodied.

 Penalty: +20 Recovery Time when the street fighter is neither Flanked nor Bloodied.



 Bonus: Learns Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights. Automatically gain select Illusion wizard spells at new power levels (spells cost Guile to use).

 Penalty: Sneak Attack damage reduced by 10%



 Bonus: Gain 100% Hit to Crit conversion against Charmed targets. Gain Roguish Charm ability. Gain 15% Hit to Graze against attacks when not affected by any afflictions

 Penalty: Cannot Engage. Gain Cowardice ability.



wizard-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire Conjurer

 Bonus: Gain +2 Power Level with Conjuration Spells.
Gain "Conjure Familiar" spell: Summons a helpful creature to aid the wizard. Familiars are poor at combat, but provide passive bonuses to their master.

 Penalty: Lose access to spells from Evocation and Illusion schools.
+10% Recovery Time for Wizard Spells not of the Conjuration School.


wizard-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire Enchanter

 Bonus: +2 Power Level with Enchanting Spells.
Gain "Free Action" passive: Once per encounter, when the wizard is affected by a Dexterity Affliction, they will clear that effect and become temporarily immune to Dexterity Afflictions.

 Penalty: Lose access to spells from Illusion and Transmutation schools.
+10% Recovery Time for Wizard Spells not of the Enchanting School.


wizard-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire  Transmuter

 Bonus: +2 Power Level with Transmutation Spells.
Gain "Form of the Fearsome Brute" spell: Transforms the wizard into an Ogre. While in this form, spells are disabled, but physical attributes are increased.

 Penalty: Lose access to spells from Enchanting and Evocation schools.
+10% Recovery Time for Wizard Spells not of the Transmutation School.

wizard-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire  Evoker

 Bonus: +2 Power Level with Evocation Spells.
Your evocation spells have a small chance to "echo", reapplying their damage and effects to their targets again, instantly (15% chance to repeat attacks after 0.1 sec with Evocation spells).

 Penalty: Lose access to spells from Transmutation and Conjuration schools.
+10% Recovery Time for Wizard Spells not of the Evocation School.


wizard-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire  Illusionist

 Bonus: +2 Power Level with Illusion Spells.
Gain "Reflexive Mirror" passive: Once per encounter, when first attacked, automatically gain the effects of the spell "Mirrored Image".

 Penalty: Lose access to spells from Conjuration and Enchanting schools.
+10% Recovery Time for Wizard Spells not of the Illusion School.


wizard-pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire  Blood Mage

 Bonus: Gain Blood Sacrifice ability. Gain passive health regeneration (+1 Health restored per 6.0 sec).

 Penalty: Unable to use Empower. All defenses against bloodied attackers are reduced (-15 all Defenses against >50% health attackers).




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