Subterranean Temple is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Subterranean Temple



Notes & Tips

This temple is located on an island north to the Poko Kohara.

This is an old temple of Woedica, where a legendary mace blessed by the goddess herself. In the main hall you'll be confronted by the retired Steel Garrote paladin Gulfaryc and his fellows (Blidh, Carmet, Arnfryda, Yonga, and Waikana). After you defeat them, you can step to the shrine of Woedica and take Magistrate's Cudgel from it (14 Intellect and 15 Resolve check). 

General Information

  • Location: 19°50' S, 64º37' E
  • Recommended Level:



  • Gulfaryc
  • Blidh
  • Carmet
  • Arnfryda
  • Yonga
  • Waikana




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