Sun and Moon



6-11 Crush






Arcing Blows: 10% of Grazes converted to Hits
Legendary: +60% Damage, +16 Accuracy, +4 Penetration
Twin Gods: Hits twice, but with reduced damage (Sun adds 50% Burn damage)(Moon adds 50% Freeze damage)
Celestial Attunement: Grants Celestial Attunement (Day), Celestial Attunement (Night)

Sun and Moon is a unique Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


This glowing flail was blessed during a solar eclipse by the Glanfathan apostate priest Elws Mârawn. Elws believed that Eothas and Ondra were not two separate entities, but rather two aspects of a single god. He considered the eclipse, the embrace of the sun and moon, to be the ultimate expression of this fact. Furthermore, he preached against the very existence of any other gods.At the height of the eclipse the apostate raised his flail to the heavens and blessed it in the name of the One Unified God. At that moment his eyes burned and he was instantly struck blind. The weapon was indeed imbued with power, but the sacrifice for this blessing was steep. Some of Elws' followers were convinced this was proof of the truthfulness of his claims, while others saw it as nothing more than divine punishment for his blasphemies.


Sun and Moon Location/Where to find


Sun and Moon Notes/Tips

  • Price: 5715
  • Recovery Time: 3s
  • Handing: One-handed
  • Celestial Attunement (Day): +2 All Fire Power Levels during the day
  • Celestial Attunement (Night): +2 Frost Power Levels during the night
  • ID: ??

Sun and Moon Upgrades





Golden Sun (Eothas) 25% Burn Damage from weapon returns Health 3000 Amber x1, Adra Ban x1, Ruby x1, Primal Flame x1, Rahi Pods x1
Lunar Excellence 5% chance to repeat Frost attacks after 0.5 sec during the night 3000 Jade x1, Turquoise x1, Living Iron x1, Primal Rock x1, Primal Water x1
Silver Moon (Ondra) Freeze damage from weapon reduces target Max Health by 50% of damage dealt 3000 Adra Ban x1, Emerald x1, Sapphire x1, Primal Water x1, Cave Coral x1
Solar Excellence 5% chance to repeat Fire attacks after 0.5 sec during the day 3000 Rune Powder x1, Velune x1, Garnet x1, Living Iron x1, Primal Flame x1


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