15-20 Crush






Arcing Blows: 10% of Grazes converted to Hits
Superb: +45% Damage, +12 Accuracy, +3 Penetration
Cometfall: +25% Damage dealt as Burn
Blunt Rock: -1 Crush Armor Rating on Critical Hit


Sungrazer is a Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2.


Long ago, Ganrich the great aumaua wayfinder sailed the far reaches of Eora, navigating only by the stars and tides. One night, while far out to sea, Ganrich was delighted to discover a storm of falling stars streaking through the night sky. One star, however, fell to ground on a nearby island, impacting with a blinding flash. Ganrich immediately ordered his crew to make for the island.The trees of the island burned like tinder and the sandy beach had been turned to glass. Once ashore, the explorer made his way to the island's center, which had been reduced to a smoldering pit. At the heart of the crater he discovered a stone unlike any other. Returning to his ship, Ganrich studied the rock. It was heavy, but fell slowly when tossed or dropped, and trailed blue fire while in motion. Where it landed it sparked, striking with mysterious force disproportionate to its speed. These properties made the stone uniquely suited to use as a smashing weapon. It was resistant to any tooling, however, so Ganrich instead fashioned it into this strange flail.


Sungrazer Location/Where to find

  • Dropped by a Flame Nāga Sorcerer in the outdoor area of Kohopa's Fang, which is located on an island of the Magran's Teeth island chain (at 7'30" 47'3").


Sungrazer Notes/Tips

  • Price:
  • Recovery Time:
  • Range: 
  • Handing: 
  • ID: ??


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