Survivor's Tusks

Type Helmets

Boar's Endurance: When Bloodied (25-50% health): +10 Health Restored per 1.0 sec for 5.0 sec (1 per encounter)

Survivor's Tusks is a unique Helmet in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Helmets can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.




This helm, carved in the Huana style from a single block of wood, depicts the boar aspect of Toamowhai. Bright paints emphasize the snout and eyes, while small spots suggesting preternatural perception circle the latter. Infused with essence, this helm withstands blows that would fell a tree.

Armor protects. A crown commands. The Survivor serves those who live and protect, turning away the deadly strike and deflecting the poisoned arrow. Brilliant in its plumage, this headdress more than merely safeguards - it leads.So sing the Huana. So howl the Faces of the Hunt.

The hundredfold path branches one hundred hundred times. The Survivor would not command the protector, for it would willingly face the hardships of each path and prove itself superior in the passage. Thus does the traveler serve the Survivor, focusing the bulwark against the gravest threats.So sing the Huana. So howl the Faces of the Hunt.

The Survivor protects the protector. From dawn until dawn again, as a ship through the curling surf, one hundred hundred travelers chart one hundred hundred passages along the hundredfold path. From dawn until dawn again, the Survivor leads every traveler against every challenge at every fork.The Survivor survives. Here and elsewhere.

So sing the Huana. So howl the Faces of the Hunt.




Survivor's Tusks Information

  • Alpha Wolf: Charms nearby beasts for 15 sec on killing another beast
  • Keen Senses: +2 Perception



Survivor's Tusks Location/Acquire



Survivor's Tusks Soulbound upgrades

Level Requirement Class Enchantments
1 Take 1000 damage Chanter Druid Monk Priest Boar's Charge: Grants Boar's Charge (The wielder draws his head back and headbutts an enemy. The enemy takes significant Crush Damage and is Stunned.)
2 Complete each of The Survivor's Stand fights Chanter Boar's Squeal: 50% chance to cause Distracted to nearby enemies for 6.0 sec after using a Chanter Invocation
Druid Boar's Strength: 20% chance to gain Strong for 10.0 sec each time the wearer scores a Hit while Spiritshifted
Monk Boar's Stubbornness:
Priest Boar's Determination: On missed: 30% chance to apply Fit for 8.0 sec
3 Cast 35 Chanter invocations Chanter Aspect of the Boar: Grants Aspect of the Boar (When knocked unconscious, the wearer channels the spirit of the Boar, reviving and removing all Injuries.)
Cast 30 Beasts or Plant Druid Spells Cast 75 Druid Spells Druid
Apply 20 Might Afflictions Apply 50 Afflictions to enemies Priest
Cast 30 Priest Protection or Restoration spells Cast 75 Priest spells Chanter




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