Symbols of Death

Level 11
Quest Type Faction Quest
Region Neketaka
Location Dunnage
Balefire Beacon
The Sacred Stair
The Hanging Sepulchers
Reward/s 13,500 Total EXP
Upright Captain's Belt
Moderate Positive reputation with the Príncipi
Quest ID FCT_QST_Principi_Undead

Symbols of Death is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire.  Captain Furrante has sent a messenger to summon the Watcher to Dunnage, this is a faction quest of Principi.


Important NPCs



  1. Speak with Captain Furrante in Dunnage.
  2. Travel to the Sacred Stair district in Neketaka.
  3. Find the resting place of Yseyr the Berathian.
  4. Locate the tomb of Yseyr.
  5. Return to Captain Furrante.



  • Captain Furrante can be found at Balefire Beacon of Dunnage. He asks you to help him deal with a supernatural phenomenon, a ghost ship. 
  • He wants you to find any useful information about the ghost ship, sail to Neketaka, visit the tomb under Temple of Berath at Sacred Stair district. (You need to get the Eel's Coil to open the tomb from Kasu, the Berath priest. See Eulogy for the Dead )
  • One of the text can be found in a room at the northeast of the Hanging Sepulchers. Another is in the forgotten Moslem.
  • Once you find the 2 pieces of the text, read it to learn the names of the two skeleton guarding Yseyr's chamber. Interact with the skeletons to open the gate.
  • Speak with Yseyr then return to Captain Furrante, he will give you the next quest A Shrewd Proposition. Unless you set the slaves at Crookspur island free during  Of Like Minds (part of the vailian trading company's questline). In which case you will receive a letter from Furrante when leaving dunnage asking you to return and speak with the leaders of the príncipi starting Honor Among Thieves.





  • Symbols of Death
    • Captain Furrante has sent a messenger to summon me to Dunnage. The Príncipi, head of the Consuaglo mes Casitàs, wishes to discuss a potential business opportunity.
    • (Alternate) The Floating Hangman of the Deadfire is no mere legend. The banner of Lucia Rivan, a Darcozzi paladin of old, flies on the mast of this galleon. Furrante wants to find out more about Rivan's past and so learn how to fight this unnatural threat. 
  • Speak with Captain Furrante in Dunnage
    • The head of the Príncipi's Consuaglo mes Casitàs waits for me in his tower at the pirate settlement of Dunnage.
  • Travel to the Sacred Stair district in Neketaka
    • The only lead to Lucia Rivan lies buried somewhere in the Sacred Stair in Neketaka.
  • Find the resting place of Yseyr the Berathian
    • Now that I have arrived in Neketaka's Sacred Stair district, I need to find out where Yseyr the Berathian was buried.
    • I have learned that there is a temple dedicated to Berath within the Sacred Stair at Neketaka.
    • I've learned that Yseyr rests under the Berathian temple, in a place called the Hanging Sepulchers.
    • The entrance to the Hanging Sepulchers is outside the Temple of Berath, on its lower walkway.
  • Locate the tomb of Yseyr
    • I've entered a complex of catacombs under the Temple of Berath. This should be the place where Yseyr was buried.
    • Kasu mentioned that Yseyr was entombed here, somewhere in the Hanging Sepulchers.
    • I've read part of the Eulogy to Yseyr. His champion, Faywden, the Lady of Vigils, rode to battle wielding a mace.
    • I've read part of the Eulogy to Yseyr. His champion, Borthwn, the Lord of Heldengate, fought the undead with a spear.
    • A massive door, flanked by two skeletons clad in ceremonial armor, bars passage into an ancient chamber inside the Hanging Sepulchers.
  • Return to Captain Furrante
    • Now that I have learned of Lucia Rivan's past, Furrante will want to know of my findings. Rivan returned from the dead after being killed by Yseyr. The Berathian tracked the Fonferrus, losing the ensuing fight at the Battle of Dusken Isle. Yseyr retreated to Neketaka and became undead to safeguard the powerful sword that Rivan wielded during her defeat - the Engoliero do Espirs.


End States

  • I told Furrante about a new lead to the nature of the Floating Hangman. Lucia Rivan lost her life and a powerful sword to Yseyr the Berathian.
  • Someone critically important to this quest has died.


Tips & Tricks

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