Taking Out the Traders

Level 14
Quest Type Faction Quest
Region Deadfire - The Brass Citadel
Location Kahanga Palace
The Brass Citadel
Reward/s 8,100 Total EXP
Quest ID FCT_QST_05_Destroying_Rivals

Taking Out the Traders is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. This is a faction quest of Huana, Queen Onekaza has asked that I aid her in a plot to destroy Rauatai's powderhouse and implicate the Vailian Trading Company. This would debilitate Rauatai's armaments and disgrace the Vailian's colonial leadership in one fell swoop.


Important NPCs



  1. Infiltrate the Royal Deadfire Company's powderhouse.
  2. Return to the palace.
  3. Survive.
  4. Follow up with Queen Onekaza.
  5. Return to the palace.



  • Sneak into the powderhouse of Royal Deadfire Company. Plant the explosives at lowest level. You can either sneak  into the powder house by picking the doors leading inside, then plating the explosive and getting out of the Brass Citadel in one piece. Or fight your way and kill all the witness.
  • During the confrontation at the palace that follows, you can either go with Onekaza's plan, which results in the Director being banished to the Gullet and both of the trading companies wiped out... Or reveal yourself as the culprit, which will result in a battle where you will have to kill the Prince and the Hazanui.





  • Taking Out the Traders
    • Queen Onekaza has asked that I aid her in a plot to destroy Rauatai's powderhouse and implicate the Vailian Trading Company. This would debilitate Rauatai's armaments and disgrace the Vailian's colonial leadership in one fell swoop.
  • Infiltrate the Royal Deadfire Company's Powderhouse
    • The queen leaves the infiltration of the powderhouse to my discretion, but there should be no witnesses to contradict the cover story. If my tampering goes undetected, then the explosion itself will take care of any evidence. The powderhouse lies east of the Brass Citadel's dock.
    • My connections with the Vailian Trading Company may aid in carrying out the destruction of the powderhouse. The queen only asks that I remember my allegiance to the Huana.
    • I planted the explosive in the powderhouse. Time to get out before the whole place blows up.
    • I've made it to the powderhouse. All that remains is to find a discreet and suitable place to plant the explosive in the lowest level.
    • I handed over the explosive to Hazanui Karū and revealed the queen's plan to destroy the powderhouse.
  • Return to the palace
    • The powderhouse has been reduced to smoldering rubble. Queen Onekaza will want to hear of this.
    • A clerk at the Vailian Trading Company headquarters informed me that Director Castol has been summoned to the palace in Serpent's Crown.
  • Survive
    • I let the faction heads know that I was the culprit behind the explosion at the powderhouse. It didn't go over very well.
  • Follow up with Queen Onekaza
    • Director Castol has been implicated in the explosion and banished to the Gullet. I can meet with the queen privately in Kahanga Palace to discuss our success.
  • Return to the palace
    • I took a more direct approach in dealing with the trading companies. There's no chance of going about this in a subtle fashion now.


End States

  • Someone vital to the completion of this quest has been killed
  • The Vailian Trading Company leadership has taken the fall for the destruction of the powderhouse, and the Royal Deadfire Company is none the wiser. Queen Onekaza has promised me her support.
  • I decided not to play along with Queen Onekaza's scheme, and informed the gathered participants that I destroyed the powderhouse. Neither the queen nor the Rauataian leadership took kindly to my betrayal. It is doubtful that any of the trading companies or the Huana will welcome my presence.
  • I decided not to play along with Queen Onekaza's scheme and insisted upon Director Castol's innocence.
  • I decided not to play along with Queen Onekaza's scheme and revealed my loyalty to the Príncipi. The queen and the Rauataian leadership did not take kindly to my betrayal. Having declared my allegiance, I doubt I will be welcome among the trading companies or the Huana.
  • I informed the hazanui of the plan to destroy Rauatai's powderhouse and gave her the explosive. She disabled it.
  • I solved Queen Onekaza's problem with violence, dispensing with any need for subtlety or schemes.


Tips & Tricks

  • Completing this quest will have the possibility of losing Maia Rua as your companion and will force you to side with Queen Onekaza II for the final attack on Eothas.
  • Upon accepting the quest, if Maia is an active member of your party, the queen will be reluctant to lay out her the plan of the mission, eventually, if Maia is still at the party, she will be forced to be removed in order for the queen to proceed with providing the details. In order to keep Maia, there will be a skill check of Diplomacy - make sure to save your game before accepting the quest and better yet to switch her with someone else if you will take this quest.



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