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Taru Turu Chew is a Consumable in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Consumables can be used once to create an effect on a character. The effect and duration will vary based on the type of Consumable used.


Taru Turu, literally "chew weed" to the Huana, is made from the root of the Ratiti plant. It is enjoyed by laborers, wayfarers, farmers, and all sorts who swear by the boost of energy it provides. Users who overindulge often find they feel sluggish and disoriented when they stop.


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Antitoxin  ♦  Antivenom  ♦  Arcane Elixir  ♦  Bear Claw Trap  ♦  Blessed Incense  ♦  Burning Ground Trap  ♦  Caltrops Trap  ♦  Cinder Bomb  ♦  Concussion Bomb  ♦  Concussive Blast Trap  ♦  Coral Snuff  ♦  Corrosive Cloud Trap  ♦  Deadeye  ♦  Envenomed Barbs  ♦  Freezing Spike Trap  ♦  Fugue Spores  ♦  Fungicide  ♦  Grenade  ♦  Immolator  ♦  Mouth Char  ♦  Nature's Bounty (Potion)  ♦  Oil of Allure  ♦  Potion of Deftness  ♦  Potion of Elemental Defense  ♦  Potion of Impediment  ♦  Potion of Imperfect Arcane Reflection  ♦  Potion of Ironskin  ♦  Potion of Major Recovery  ♦  Potion of Merciless Gaze  ♦  Potion of Minor Healing  ♦  Potion of Moderate Healing  ♦  Potion of Relentless Striking  ♦  Potion of Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage  ♦  Potion of Spatial Alacrity  ♦  Potion of Spirit Shield  ♦  Potion of the Focused Mind  ♦  Potion of the Resilient Body  ♦  Razorgill Dust  ♦  Ripple Sponge  ♦  Scorching Venom  ♦  Scroll of Binding Web  ♦  Scroll of Blessing  ♦  Scroll of Boiling Spray  ♦  Scroll of Circle of Protection  ♦  Scroll of Crackling Bolt  ♦  Scroll of Embrace of the Earth Talon  ♦  Scroll of Fan of Flames  ♦  Scroll of Firebrand  ♦  Scroll of Form of the Helpless Beast  ♦  Scroll of Insect Swarm  ♦  Scroll of Kalakoth's Minor Blights  ♦  Scroll of Major Healing  ♦  Scroll of Minoletta's Concussive Missiles  ♦  Scroll of Minor Healing  ♦  Scroll of Moderate Healing  ♦  Scroll of Moonwell  ♦  Scroll of Natures Mark  ♦  Scroll of Plague of Insects  ♦  Scroll of Prayer for the Body  ♦  Scroll of Prayer for the Spirit  ♦  Scroll of Pull of Eora  ♦  Scroll of Ray of Fire  ♦  Scroll of Revive the Fallen  ♦  Scroll of Shining Beacon  ♦  Scroll of Stag's Horn  ♦  Scroll of Sunbeam  ♦  Scroll of Thrust of Tattered Veils  ♦  Scroll of Torrent of Flame  ♦  Scroll of Twin Stones  ♦  Scroll of Winter Wind  ♦  Scroll of Withdraw  ♦  Shock Chain Trap  ♦  Sigil of Nightmares Wardstone  ♦  Sparkcrackers  ♦  Stone Joint  ♦  Storm Toxin  ♦  Stun Bomb  ♦  Svef  ♦  Thief's Draught  ♦  Unguent of Animalism


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