Tayn's Gratitude

Type Trinkets
Effects Tayn's Chaotic Missiles: Grants Tayn's Chaotic Missiles. Create small orbs of pure chaos in user's hand. When thrown, the orb bounces between targets, and inflict negative afflictions.

Tayn's Gratitude is a unique Trinket in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Trinkets can be equipped in their designated inventory slot and provide different effects.



Judging from the quality of the metalwork, this locket is indistinguishable from any other piece hanging from a market stall, though perhaps chosen with a little extra care. A subtle hum of power is the only suggestion of something more beneath the surface. Opening the clasp reveals a small compartment divided in twin halves. To the left is a rough portrait of Tayn winking and biting his tongue. On the right is a minute inscription, reading: To [Player Name], my best friend. Tayn the Archmage.



Tayn's Gratitude Information

  • Price: 750
  • In turn based mode, ability has initiative of 2 and last for 5 rounds.



Tayn's Gratitude Location/Acquire

  • Finish the quests of The Forgotten Sanctum in Tayn's favour.



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