The Archmage's Vault

Level 7
Quest Type Side Quest
Region Neketaka
Location Periki's Overlook
Arkemyr's Manor

Return the tablet to Netehe:

  • copper_pand_icon2,500
  • Moderate Positive Reputation with Huana

Return the tablet to Tumara:

  • copper_pand_icon2,500
  • Moderate Positive Reputation with RDC
Quest ID 05_QST_Arkemyr_Vault

The Archmage's Vault is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Break-in and explore Arkemyr's vault.


Important NPCs



  1. Find a way inside Arkemyr's manor.
  2. Locate Arkemyr's vault.
  3. Unlock Arkemyr's vault.
  4. Retrieve the tablet from the vault.
  5. Return the artifact to Tumara or Netehe.



  • At the doorstep of Arkemyr's manor, you find two women arguing. They both want an ancient tablet in Arkemyr's vault. 
  • If you want the tablet, you need to find a way in. Either Netehe and Tumara have some ideas. They can be found at Serpent's Crown and Brass Citadel during daytime.
  • Someone named Ifren may know how to get inside the vault, he's been turned into a fortune-telling machine at the Dark Cupboard.
  • Tumara can be found at the gate of Imperial Command, she will tell you Arkemyr's apprentice Fassina has the key of Arkmyr's manor.
  • Either enter Arkmyr's Manor through Luminous Bathhouse, or get the key from Fassina. (If you helped her get the glove in quest Velvet Glove, Brass Fist.) Or you can just unlock the front door of the manor (require 10 mechanics skill)
  • Tip: there's tons traps and locks in Arkmyrs Manor. So bring a character with high mechanics skill is a must. Also, Arkmyr's Manor is guarded by Ironclad constructs and steel constructs, you will need some high penetration weapons.

  • To unlock the vault in Arkmyr's manor you need two things, the combanition and a special gem. The combanition can be found on a note in Arkmyr's study, the gem is on a imp on the second level.

  • Unlock the vault, there's tons of loots inside, along with traps, and locks.

  • Once you get the tablet, you can decide to give it back to Tumara or Netehe. Once you complete this quest, Arkmyr will immediate send an imp to invite you. (quest A Cordial Invitation)





  • The Archmage's Vault
    • Rauatai and the Huana each have a claim over the Harapo Epic - an ancient tablet currently in the possession of the wizard Arkemyr. Both Tumara and Netehe are eager to make a grab for the tablet. Either of them would be grateful if the Epic happened to fall into their hands.
  • Find a way inside Arkemyr's manor
    • I need to find a way into Arkemyr's manor in Periki's Overlook. The obvious choice is the front door, but it's locked - and there are undoubtedly guards on patrol.
    • Either Netehe or Tumara should have some ideas about how to enter Arkemyr's manor. I can find them during the day in Serpent's Crown and the Brass Citadel, respectively.
    • Fassina, Arkemyr's apprentice, would know more about the manor. She runs the Dark Cupboard in Periki's Overlook.
    • Someone named Ifren crossed Arkemyr and ended up soulbound to the fortune telling machine at the Dark Cupboard. He might know more about getting inside Arkemyr's manor.
    • Ifren said that he and his partner entered the manor using a natural tunnel which extends from the Luminous Bathhouse.
    • Fassina has a key to Arkemyr's manor, but isn't giving it up. I would need to steal it from her or take it by force.
    • I might be able to gain access to the balcony of Arkemyr's manor from the upper floor window of the Dark Cupboard, but I'll need a grappling hook and rope.
    • If I managed to locate one of Arkemyr's personal robes from his chambers, it's possible that I could fool his security imps.
    • I've acquired the key to the front door of Arkemyr's manor from Fassina.
    • Arkemyr gave his imps a passphrase to recognize him if he changed form - cider and cheese.
  • Locate Arkemyr's vault
    • I've made it inside Arkemyr's manor. Now I need to locate his vault.
    • Arkemyr's vault is at the southwest corner of the estate's lowest level.
    • I've successfully fooled the imps and can now explore the manor freely - so long as I remain peaceful, of course.
  • Unlock Arkemyr's vault
    • I've located Arkemyr's vault, but the door is protected by some kind of combination lock involving rare gems. There's little hope of opening it with guesswork, so I'll need the combination to get through. It's probably somewhere in Arkemyr's manor.
    • A gem is missing from the center of the lock. Markings around the area would suggest someone had pried it off recently.
    • An imp in the second floor lounge is reportedly behind the theft of the gemstone from the lock.
    • I recovered the missing gem for the vault lock.
    • I have learned the combination to the vault lock.
    • The vault lock has been repaired, and should work without its missing gemstone.
  • Retrieve the tablet from the vault
    • I've breached Arkemyr's vault. The Harapo Epic should be inside.
  • Return the artifact to Tumara or Netehe
    • Now that I possess the Harapo Epic, the only question is what to do about it. Tumara will await me in front of Imperial Command at the Brass Citadel. Netehe will be in front of Kahanga Palace in Serpent's Crown.


End States

  • I returned the artifact to the Royal Deadfire Company.
  • I returned the artifact to the Huana people.


Tips & Tricks

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