The Bridge Ablaze is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


The Bridge Ablaze





First, find Waidwen, after the surroundings changed. Get the Waidwen's Sundial from his neck and defeat the burning soldiers. You can now interact with the light spot to switch the scene. 

You can get a Detonator Shard if you managed to disarm the Godhammer bomb at dawn scene.

There are 4 pieces of soul fragments you can find. 2 soul pieces can be found at the dusk scene, however, you need to enter the dusk scene from other scenes to get the fragment near the entrance. 

Use the void gate near Waidwen at dusk scene to reach the lower part of the map. Interact with the light spot there to other scenes. You can find one fragment at noon scene.

Below the bridge at dawn scene, there is a priestess about the detonate the Godhammer bomb. Help her retrieve her memory (found on the top of the bridge tower at dawn scene) then get the soul fragment inside the bomb.

Once you get all the soul fragments, speak with Waidwen and make him whole again.

General Information

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Notable NPCs:

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