The Champion of the Hunt

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Reward Tooth of Toamowhai

The Champion of the Hunt is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 

By completing the challenges presented by one of the Faces, the Watcher has earned the right to represent one of the Faces of the Hunt in the Crucible's bloodiest battle. If they prove victorious, they will be named Champion of the Hunt - and become able to commune with the Faces of the Hunt themselves.


Important NPCs

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  • After you complete the challenges presented by one of the Faces (The Crucible), agree to represent it in a three-way free-for-all battle, the winner of which is to be crowned Champion of the Hunt.
  • The arena will be flooded and a colossal grub (Krovix of the Deep) will appear and attack you. It's weak against intellect afflictions.
  • After you won the fight, return to Pool of Memories and receive your reward.
  • Anoint yourself in the waters and be drawn into the Beyond. There you will meet three souls Erūke, Aexica and Whehami. Learn from them the truth about the hunt.
  • You can defeat Whehami and Aexica, restoring the flow of souls between Kazuwari and the beyond. OR You can sacrifice Konstanten's soul to replace the Faces. OR You can convince Whehami and Aexica to stand down with Eruke's aid. OR You can convince Whehami to replace his soul with that of a mighty beast (see next quest).
  • You can also use Muatu's soul to replace the Faces. The ending is further determined by how many souls you allowed him to absorb in the Crucible.
  • Do not use the Tooth of Toamowhai to leave the Crucible's connection to the Beyond shattered, or you will miss a reward later and get the bad ending.


Tips & Tricks

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