The City Lost to Time

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The City Lost to Time is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Locate Eothas.
  2. Disable the storm.
  3. Confront Eothas.
  4. Travel to Ukaizo.
  5. Defeat the Guardian of Ukaizo.
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  • To across the storm, you need to ally with one of the four faction (Huana, Principi, VTC or RDC). Or, you can across the storm along if your ship is fully upgraded.
  • Once you across the storm, you will face the Guardian of Ukaizo at the port. It's an adra construct dragon with three heads. At first, it will summon some construct enemies to join the fight. Once you damaged it to less than half HP it will summon the second head and regain some health. When it is near death, the third head will attach to it and restore its full health. You need to prepare some high penetration in order win this fight.
  • In order to reach Moi Gweath, you need to shut down the machine at Ondra's Spire, then take the stairs at Grand Promenade.
  • Depend on which faction you allied with, you will meet different group of enemies at Grand Promenade. (Principi if you sail here alone.) Defeat them to proceed. 
  • Confront Eothas at  Moi Gweath, then chose what you suggest him to do.


Tips & Tricks

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