The City Lost to Time

Level 16
Quest Type Main Quest
Region Deadfire - Northeast
Location Ukaizo Harbor
Reward/s 12,150 EXP
Quest ID CP_QST_12_Ukaizo

The City Lost to Time is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Travel to Ukaizo and confront Eothas.


Important NPCs



  1. Locate Eothas.
  2. Disable the storm.
  3. Confront Eothas.
  4. Travel to Ukaizo.
  5. Defeat the Guardian of Ukaizo.



  • To across the storm, you need to ally with one of the four faction (Huana, Principi, VTC or RDC). Or, you can across the storm along if your ship is fully upgraded.
    • If you liberated Scyorielaphas, he'll help you out here by fighting off a guardian monster. 
    • If you used the Rauataian submarine, you'll approach Ukaizo without further problems.
  • Once you across the storm, you will face the Guardian of Ukaizo at the port. It's an adra construct dragon with three heads. initially summons several Adra Animats, then two Engwithan Sentinels, and finally two Engwithan Hierarchs who can Dominate your team (preventable by eating a Captain's Banquet beforehand). Once you damaged it to less than half of its HP it will summon the second head and regain some health. When it is near death, the third head will attach to it and restore its full health. You need to prepare some high penetration in order win this fight.
  • In order to reach Moi Gweath, you need to shut down the machine at Ondra's Spire, then take the stairs at Grand Promenade.
  • Depend on which faction you allied with, you will meet different group of enemies at Grand Promenade. (Principi if you sail here alone.) Defeat them to proceed. 
  • Confront Eothas at  Moi Gweath, each of your companions will have their own questions for Eothas. (Even if you managed to convince Wael to fight Eothas in The Forgotten Sanctum DLC, the destruction of Wheel can not be stopped.)





  • The City Lost to Time
    • Eothas is going to the legendary island of Ukaizo to disrupt or destroy Eora's cycle of reincarnation. Only by following him there can I confront him directly.
  • Locate Eothas
    • Now that I arrived at Ukaizo, it's just a matter of finding Eothas. Assuming he still occupies a seven hundred foot colossus, that shouldn't be a problem.
  • Disable the storm
    • Eothas is somewhere in the heart of the city. The path to him is shielded by a massive storm and bîaŵac - both of which appear to originate from a tower in the distance. If the storms could be nullified somehow, I could reach Eothas.
  • Confront Eothas
    • Now that the storm has dispersed, I can venture deeper into the city and confront Eothas directly.
  • Travel to Ukaizo
    • Ukaizo is located far to the northeast of Neketaka. The only way to reach it is by way of the Ofecchia Channel, a natural gateway leading between the crags of Magran's Teeth and into the storms of Ondra's Mortar.
    • The Huana fleet will meet me there to lend their support in the race for Ukaizo.
    • The Vailian Trading Company's fleet will meet me there to lend their support in the race for Ukaizo.
    • The Royal Deadfire Company's fleet will meet me there to lend their support in the race for Ukaizo.
    • The Príncipi fleet will meet me there to lend their support in the race for Ukaizo.
    • I've turned on my allies. Now there will be no help on the journey to Ukaizo. I'll need to reach the island on my own.
  • Defeat the Guardian of Ukaizo
    • Ukaizo's guardian has appeared. I won't be able to reach Eothas until I overpower it.


End States

  • I confronted Eothas. He brings great change to Eora - one that kith and gods alike must band together to solve.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??



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