The Cornett's Call

Location Neketaka
Reward ??

The Cornett's Call is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. 


Important NPCs

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  1. Get the Cornett of Waves from Takano's villa in Serpent's Crown.
  2. Meet Gwenfin in the Undercroft.
  3. Find a temple of Ondra in the Old City.
  4. Report back to Gwenfin at the entrance to the Undercroft.
  5. Return to Dereo in the Narrows.
  6. Meet a mysterious figure in the Narrows of the Gullet.
  7. Return the cornett to Dereo in the Narrows.
  8. Return to Dereo in the Narrows.
  9. Find the mosaic Dereo seeks in the Old City.



  • Once you made a fame in the Gullet, Dereo, the local crime lord will send a messenger to you. Invite you to his lair (Dereo's Lair) through the Narrow. (Turn right, turn right, turn left, tell the guards Dereo want to meet you.)
  • Dereo wants you to find Cornet of Waves from Takano's Villa at Serpent's Crown for him.
  • Visit Takano, use your watcher ability to read his soul. Point out that he doesn't really needs the artifact, it belongs to someone who truly understands it's meaning. You can then persuade him to sell the Cornet of Waves for 750cp.
  • An releated artifact, Cornet of Depth, can be found at he temple ruins of Old City Overlook. (Need about 16 Constitution to get it)
  • After you explore the temple ruins in Old City, report to Dereo.


Tips & Tricks

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