The Courier's Calling

Level 6
Quest Type Companion Quest
Region The Brass Citadel, Neketaka
Location Tikawara
Port Maje
Reward/s Three Bells Through
Quest ID companion_qst_maia

The Courier's Calling is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Atsura has given Maia a task to carry out while she's in my service - delivering missives to Rauataian operatives around the Deadfire. This is Maia Rua's companion quest.


Important NPCs



  1. Deliver a missive to Harama.
  2. Deliver a missive to Tuaha.
  3. Bring Maia to the Brass Citadel.
  4. Speak with Maia upon her return
  5. Report in to Atsura.



  • After Maia asked you to help her deliver some missive, travel to Port Maje
  • Tuaha is standing outside The Kraken's Eye tavern on the west. You must have Maia in your team to speak to her.
    • Tuaha
  • Tuaha says there's some Huana man stalking her, find the huana male nearby and take care of him (either persuade or kill him), then speak to Tuhaha again. He's designated "Kuaru Craftsman" and walks around the Dawnstars.
  • Sail to Tikawara and find Harama, he is standing in the center of the village. Help him deal with the crowd then give him the missive.
  • Maia needs to return to Brass Citadel. Take her there and she will leave the team for a couple of days.
  • After Maia returned, speak with her, then confront Astura. Your reward is Three Bells Through, a unique arquebus. 





  • The Courier's Calling
    • Atsura has given Maia a task to carry out while she's in my service - delivering missives to Rauataian operatives around the Deadfire. Maia assures me that the missives are nothing more than bureaucratic paperwork.
  • Deliver a missive to Harama
    • Maia is carrying a missive bound for Harama, a Rauataian sailor and an old friend of hers.
    • Harama can be found in Tikawara.
    • Harama has received his missive.
    • Harama died before he could receive his missive.
  • Deliver a missive to Tuaha
    • Maia has a stack of missives intended for her eccentric Rauataian colleague, Tuaha.
    • Tuaha can be found at Port Maje.
    • Tuaha suspects that she's being followed, and won't accept Maia's missive until her stalker is dealt with. She described him as an average-looking Huana male.
    • I took the stalker's notes. This should be of interest to Tuaha.
    • I killed Tuaha's stalker.
    • I convinced Tuaha's stalker to leave Port Maje and never return.
    • I talked Tuaha into accepting her missive even though it may place her in danger.
    • With her stalker situation handled, I was able to deliver the missive to Tuaha.
    • Tuaha died.
  • Bring Maia to the Brass Citadel
    • Maia needs to return to the Brass Citadel in Neketaka.
    • Maia left the party to deliver a missive on her own. She assures me that she'll be back in a few days.
  • Speak with Maia upon her return
    • Maia returned from the mission that dispatched her to parts unknown. She seems eager to talk about her experience.
    • Maia killed a man and clearly has a lot on her mind. If I give her some time to ponder she may want to speak at further length.
  • Report in to Atsura
    • Now that Maia's target is eliminated, Atsura will want a report of our progress.


End States

  • Someone critical to the completion of this quest has been killed.
  • I delivered the missives to both Harama and Tuaha. Atsura rewarded Maia with a powerful rifle.
  • I saved Harama and gave him Atsura's missive. Against her misgivings, I compelled Tuaha to accept her missive as well.
  • Harama was killed during his encounter with the mob. I saved Tuaha from her stalker and delivered her missive successfully.
  • Harama was killed during his encounter with the mob. Against her misgivings, I compelled Tuaha to accept her missive.


Tips & Tricks

  • Spoiler: This is actually an assassination quest, if you complete it. You will see many important NPCs been assassinated in the ending (Chieftain of Tikawara, Governor and Stromcaller of Port Maje), leaving these areas in constant war and struggling.



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      For the "good" Valian/Huana ending you need to get them killed by the mob and accept the missive while being stalked. The governor/Chieftain of Tikawara lives and the ushers in an era of peace in the area.

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