The Crucible

Level 16
Quest Type DLC Main Quest
Region Unknown
Location Temple of Toamowhai
Reward/s Quests:

The Slaying Face
The Seeking Face
The Surviving Face
Quest ID LAX01_00_qst_main_quest_03

The Crucible is a Quest of the DLCSeeker, Slayer, Survivor in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. Before the Faces of the Hunt deign to talk to the Watcher, the Watcher must prove themselves worthy of talking to. To achieve this, they need to retrieve at least one relic from the Isle of Kazuwari, so that they may trigger the next challenge.



Important NPCs



  1. Talk to Engari, and learn how Pool of Memories works. 
  2. You need to collect correct artifacts for each of the faces and effectively aligns you with one of them.



  • After you finished The Rite of Passage, Speak with Engari near the Pool of Memories and he'll tell you where to find three artifacts, each of which will appease a different Face.
  • Once you have the three artifacts, return to the Pool of Memories and offer each of them to it, unlocking three trials each.
  • The Seeking Face's Hunt for the Adra Pearl: Old City (Neketaka), center of the map, on a statue
  • The Seeking Face's Hunt for the Haemneg's Handmaiden: Treasure Trove (Dunnage / Radiant Court), top floor, corner
  • The Seeking Face's Hunt for the Fortuneteller's Ear: The Dark Cupboard (Neketaka), first floor, on puppet in corner
  • The Surviving Face's Hunt for the Matron's Skull: The Hanging Sepulchers (Neketaka / Sacred Stair), north end
  • The Surviving Face's Hunt for the Uncut Gem: Poko Kohara Ruins, next to Oasis tree (southeast section)
  • The Surviving Face's Hunt for the Finger of the Exiled Queen: Oathbinder's Sanctum, fourth floor, Court Room statue
  • The Slaying Face's Hunt for the Luckless Coin: The Kraken's Eye (Port Maje), first floor, speak to Caedric
  • The Slaying Face's Hunt for the Hunter's Head: Motare o Kozi, next to frog statue
  • The Slaying Face's Hunt for the Titan's Heart: Fleet Master's Office (Neketaka / Brass Citadel), in chest near entrance
  • Earn enough favor from one of the faces by completing its trials.





  • The Crucible
    • Now that I am a contender in the Crucible, I will be subject to its trials.
  • Locate an artifact prized by either the Seeker, Slayer, or Survivor, and consign it to the Pool of Memories
    • The Faces of the Hunt give their favor to those who compete in the Crucible games. First I must contribute to the Crucible by retrieving an artifact in the wilds of Kazuwari. Then I can face a challenge drawn from it by the Faces of the Hunt.
  • Return to the Hall of Memories
    • I have been chosen by one of the Faces of the Hunt. I can return to the Pool of Memories to receive their blessing.
  • Speak with Engari about the Faces' Artifacts
    • If I collect relics laden with memories of conflict, the Crucible can turn these artifacts into new trials. I will need to speak with Engari, as he seems to know a lot about these artifacts that are so important to the Faces of the Hunt.
  • Earn the favor of either the Seeking Face, the Slaying Face, or the Surviving Face
    • By giving an artifact to the Pool of Memories, I can fight in a battle drawn from memories of the past. Retrieving more artifacts and confronting their challenges will earn me the favor of the Faces of the Hunt.


End States

  • I became chosen by one of the Faces of the Hunt. Only the final battle for the title of Champion of the Hunt remains.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??



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