The Drowned Kingdom is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


The Drowned Kingdom


Walkthrough & Notes

This quest requires you to search for the fragments of an ancient Huana king. You need to reverse the flow in order to proceed to new areas.

There are four soul fragments of the king. One can be found near the entrance in a pool, you need to reverse the flow and go back to see it. The rest of soul fragments can be on your way to The Sunken Crown.

There are 2 portals in The Sunken Crown, the left one will teleport you back to The Drowned Kingdom, there you can find a legendary scepter in a pool. 

Once you collect all 4 soul fragments, the king's soul will appear on the throne. You can enlist him to fight the dragon Neriscyrlas, or send him to Wheel.

General Information

  • Location: ??
  • Recommended Level: ??




Notable NPCs:

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