The Final Maneuver

Level 14
Quest Type Faction Quest
Region Neketaka
Location Kahanga Palace
Serpent's Crown
The Brass Citadel

Assassinate the Queen:

Assassinate the Prince:

Quest ID FCT_QST_RDC06_Coup

The Final Maneuver is a Quest in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. RDC want the watcher to assassinate the queen of Huana. This is a faction quest for the RDC.


Important NPCs



  1. Speak with Hazanui Karū at Imperial Command in the Brass Citadel.
  2. Infiltrate Kahanga Palace in Serpent's Crown.
  3. Assassinate Queen Onekaza II at the palace.
  4. Report to Hazanui Karū at the Brass Citadel docks.



  • If you decide to ally Royal Deadfire Company, all other faction alliance quests will fail.

  • Hazanui Karū tells you what you need to do to gain her support: assassinate Queen Onekaza II in order to allow the Rauatai to take over the archipelago. If at this point you try to back out, the quest fails and everybody in the Brass Citadel turns hostile.L

  • leave Imperial Command and head to Serpent's Crown are now inaccessible. Sneak or fight your way through the district and the palace to reach the queen on the palace rooftop. The discussion inevitably concludes with a battle with the queen, her tigers and guards. Among the loot is the queen's Serpent Crown. Leave the palace and return to the Brass Citadel.

  • Alternatively, you can kill Prince Aruihi and report to the hazanui.

  • Karū then introduces you to your new means of travel: the Blade of Takōwa, a Rauatai submarine. This completes the quest as well as the overarching main quest The Coming Storm.





  • The Final Maneuver
    • I have finalized my alliance with the Royal Deadfire Company, and they are ready to seize control of the Deadfire Archipelago. Hazanui Karū has asked me to assassinate Queen Onekaza.
    • (Alternate) Hazanui Karū has a final request for me.
  • Speak with Hazanui Karū at Imperial Command in the Brass Citadel
    • The hazanui would like my help with something, but she will not give me details unless I commit fully to aiding the Royal Deadfire Company. If I cement my alliance with her, there will likely be no turning back.
  • Infiltrate Kahanga Palace in Serpent's Crown
    • Hazanui Karū asked me to assassinate Queen Onekaza II. However, she warned me that the guards in Serpent's Crown will be on high alert.
  • Assassinate Queen Onekaza II at the palace
    • The queen is most likely on the rooftop, surrounded by guards.
  • Report to Hazanui Karū at the Brass Citadel docks
    • Queen Onekaza II is dead. The hazanui will want to know that she is now in control of Neketaka.
    • I checked the throne room after killing the queen. The prince is gone.
  • Report to Hazanui Karū at the Brass Citadel docks
    • I killed Prince Aruihi. It's unlikely the commotion went unnoticed - or that the queen has waited around to discover the cause. In any case, the hazanui will want to hear about this. One dead royal should be as good as the next.
    • I made my way to the roof after killing the prince, but the queen was gone.


End States

  • The queen is dead and the Royal Deadfire Company has taken control of the palace.
  • The prince is dead and the queen has fled, leaving the Royal Deadfire Company in control of the palace.
  • I refused to participate in the hazanui's coup. She attacked, and I'm now an enemy of the Royal Deadfire Company.
  • The Royal Deadfire Company wants nothing more to do with me, so I won't be reporting back to them anytime soon.


Tips & Tricks

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