The Gullet is a location in Pillars of Eternity 2.


The Gullet


Notes & Tips

Ickis, a pet can be found in front of Pitli's Sanctuary.

Onyx, a pet pig can be found in The Hole.

There are different ways to learn how to get to Delver's Row. From Enoi or Fyrna in the tavern. You turn right first, then go forward until you see a merchant stall, the entrance is behind a curtain.

You need to pay a toll in order to get into the Delver's Row, or force the way in.

Birta, an ogre at the tavern can join your crew for 450 cp.

First time you get out of The Hole, some thugs will show up and stop you. Either scare them off or fight them to keep your money.

Once you made a fame here, Dereo, the local crime lord will send a messenger to you. Invite you to his lair (Dereo's Lair) through the Narrow. (Turn right, turn right, turn left, tell the guards Dereo want to meet you.)


General Information

  • Location: Neketaka
  • Recommended Level: ??




Notable NPCs:

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